Wilderness survival: 57 years old Shaanxi trapped in the mountains for 11 days, miraculously survived, how did he do it?

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Wilderness survival: 57 years old Shaanxi trapped in the mountains for 11 days, miraculously survived, how did he do it?

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When missing, 57 year old Lei Xuerong dry food has been done, with peanut milk is also only less than 1/5.

To save him, villagers, police officers, government workers, and even professional rescue teams went into battle, searching for 8 days in the mountains of Qinling Mountains, without finding their shadow.

* Lei Xuerong

"We call the villagers in the mountains and let them pay attention to the crows flying in the mountains." The afternoon of May 19th, Aoki Hanzhoung Ningqiang County Chuan Zhen Village Dam Jade Spring director Pang Shihua told reporters at the time all star, including family members, all thought he was dead.

The town Party Secretary Xiao Yien Aoki said, no fruit in the large-scale search, they still did not give up the search and rescue, "as long as it does not encounter wolves, no cliff fall, this season should starve to death in the mountains."

Finally, eleventh days after the disappearance, Lei Xuerong was found with the villagers. When he was found, he had half a bottle of water in his carry on bottle. He could walk, walk, walk, rest, drink and live for 11 days!"


Lei Xuerong, 57, lives in Yuquan village, Hanzhoung. This is a small village located at the junction of Shanxi, Gansu and Sichuan provinces, located in the National Nature Reserve of Aoki chuan. The village is the Qingmuchuan Town, is a famous tourist town, west of Sichuan County of Qingchuan Province, north of Wudu County in Gansu Province, Kang County, Gansu pillow Lapel Shu, known as "a three foot" reputation.

The Jade Spring dam is located in the village of Shaanxi Gansu Sichuan provinces at the junction, as rescue teams into the mountain search and rescue

According to the village director Lei Xuerong introduced, before missing and widowed brother dug into the mountains of herbs, "Tianma this season can adopt, in May 6th, the twins around the village friends, three people go into the mountains."

About 3 in the afternoon, Lei Xuerong left behind. Fellow brother and another partner in the mountains to find a few hours later, "they said to me, at that time it was already dark, thinking that Lei Xuerong is not to find them, their first home, so he went away."

But when I got home, I found no one in my family. Lei Xuerong's brother panicked, and the same night I started looking for relatives. I couldn't find him overnight.

"Second days early in the morning, my family called me and told me about it." Pang Shihua said, on May 7th, he and other village cadres to participate in poverty alleviation in the town meeting, heard of this, he immediately let Lei Xuerong family launched the villagers into the mountains to find, "I said to him, after the meeting, we have to help find."

By noon call, Pang Shihua is not found, then immediately to the village village leaders in charge of reporting package it, "and five o'clock in the afternoon we arrived at the village, after the end of work arrangements, I took up the mountain, found more than seven points, not found." Pang Shihua said, because the Lei Xuerong family is very real, in the village inside the popularity is very good, a lot of people are willing to help, but because there are too many migrant workers, manpower is still limited."

That night, Pang Shihua received the Aoki town Party Secretary Xiao Yien telephone, "he let me second days and then organize some people up the mountain, because people have been missing for two days, third days is a critical day."." Pang Shihua said, second days, they organized the village more than 20 people up the mountain, looking for a day or no results.


Pang Shihua introduction, because for a long time to find no fruit, the town also sent a few comrades of the police station and town government has been involved in search and rescue, search by May 10th, "in the past 4 days, we are anxious, so the Secretary Xiao Yien call the rescue team, people from Hanzhoung set out in the evening."

On May 11th at 4:45 in the morning, the dawn of the rescue team of Hanzhoung detachment vice captains A Rong, led the 9 volunteer rescue personnel rushed to the hospital Jade Spring LI BA cun. In understanding the relevant circumstances, they immediately entered the mountain search and rescue.

Today (May 19th) afternoon, A Rong told the Red Star News reporter, in order to quickly find missing persons, in May 12th they also contacted the John, compass, rescue teams, together with them to find.

Please also Jade Spring village dam village villagers to help with the search for Lei Xuerong. At the same time, Aoki town calls Gansu, Sichuan, neighboring villages and towns, asking them to help find.

Finally, on the sixth day of Lei Xuerong's disappearance, in May 12th, someone called the town and said he had seen the missing Lei Xuerong.

"That place is about 5 hours away from our village. The village is called the back ditch village. The people on the phone said that Lei Xuerong had had an exchange with him, but Ray didn't ask him for help and didn't ask him anything to eat." Pang Shihua said, the man also pointed to Lei Xuerong road.

Pang Shihua introduced, he later analysis, the mountains this season except wild cherry, have nothing to eat, although Lei Xuerong took the bottle to drink water, but the body must have appeared abnormal.

After receiving the news, immediately rushed to the rescue team found Lei Xuerong place, also found the thunder once the rest, "was all involved in search and rescue people take the place as the center, looking around for."

The villagers and rescue team together to find Lei Xuerong

Give up:

Pang Shihua recalled, on May 11th the same day, the number of people involved in the rescue of 40 people, in addition to missing relatives, friends, villagers and rescue teams, the town also came to more than a dozen people, police came three."

Pang Shihua introduced, because Lei Xuerong deaf and have language barrier, and no fire tools, so neither hear outside cries, also can't put smoke for help, this brought great trouble to the rescue.

On the eighth day of the search and rescue, rescue supplies broken, plus before the mountains under the heavy rain, after seeking the views of family members, Aaron led the rescue team regret to return, "the day after the end of the search and rescue, we are very frustrated."

Pang Shihua said, including almost all of the family members believe that Lei Xuerong is no longer in the world, "at that time many people involved in the search and rescue of the feet are worn out, and should find the places are looking for."."

After consult the town, Pang Shihua decided to stop the massive rescue, leaving a small number of people into the mountains, "also contacted nearby provinces of the town, so that they pay attention to a large number of crow haunt of the mountains, certainly not in the thinking of people."

Afterwards, the town Party Secretary Xiao Yien Aoki recalled, he was convinced that the people should live, "leaves, bark, mountains and water, so I think, as long as not encountered wolves, no falling cliff, people can certainly go out alive."

"Lei Xuerong was rescued back down


Although think so, but before the people did not find who are not safe to say that Lei Xuerong would be able to survive.

In the twinkling of an eye, Lei Xuerong disappeared for 11 days, Yuquan dam village and some people into the mountain to pick up Gastrodia elata. Before entering the mountain, they took the family dog.

The afternoon of May 17th at 3:30 pm, followed two people together into the dog suddenly cried out, two people got to find, see, lying on the ground has been in a coma for Lei Xuerong.

According to the division in the territory of Gansu, a place called Lim Bay, from the village across the two mountains." Pang Shihua recalled that he couldn't believe it when he got the call.

After two villagers sent photos of Lei Xuerong in coma, Pang Shihua's heart finally dropped! He confessed to the villagers Lei Xuerong drink, while notify the family and village doctors, "they made a simple slider, ready to carry insensible Lei Xuerong back."

"Lei Xuerong was rescued the villagers carrying pole

5 pm the same day, Lei Xuerong was carried back to the village, "I saw in the legs have leeches and slip away, is a bit weak, there is no big deal." Pang Shihua recalled that Lei Xuerong was taken to the hospital in the town after the village doctor handled it briefly.

"Because he has language barrier, so also can not ask his true experience of these days." On the afternoon of May 19th, the Red Star reporter commissioned Pang Shihua to go to the town hospital for questioning. "He said a few words and spelled" lost, going home "."

Lei Xuerong's family introduction, they communicate with Lei Xuerong found that in the 11 days trapped, Lei Xuerong all drink water to satisfy their hunger.

"Asked him to go there and analyzed from his description that there were no wild cherries on his way." Pang Shihua said, because Lei Xuerong temper is relatively flat, so the daily consumption is very little, "every day can walk, walk, can't walk, rest, sleep in the big tree at night, by drinking water, live 11 days."."

"It's a miracle."!" A Rong, deputy director of the Hanzhoung detachment of dawn rescue team, told the Red Star News reporter.

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