It's up to 400 kilometers per hour! There's the Renaissance. Get in the bus!

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It's up to 400 kilometers per hour! There's the Renaissance. Get in the bus!

2017-06-26 00:37:11 283 ℃

Today, the Chinese railway company led development, with completely independent intellectual property rights, has reached the world advanced level China standard EMU officially named the "Renaissance", and will be held tomorrow at the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway officially starting two-way.

In the past, people often heard "harmony" EMU, and now there is "Renaissance", from harmony to rejuvenation, China high-speed rail "red".

The test speed can reach 400km/h and above

The first Chinese standard EMU named "rejuvenation" has two models, CR400AF and CR400BF. According to the China Railway Corporation, the new rules for the preparation of EMU, EMU are independent of the model using the "CR" at the beginning of the model, "CR" is the Chinese railway company English abbreviation, but also refers to the product platform Chinese standard EMU series covering different speed levels.

The train model in "400" for the speed level code, the EMU test speed of up to 400km/h and above, running speed is 350km/h; "A" and "B" for the enterprise identification code, on behalf of the manufacturer; "F" type code technology, on behalf of didlg.

Railway Corporation said that in the future will also be based on market demand, and gradually developed CR300 and CR200 series of China standard emu.

As for why the "Renaissance", according to the total iron relevant person in charge, in the final completion of a comprehensive well-off society, an important historical node to achieve the great rejuvenation of China dream, will China standard EMU named "Renaissance", true record of development of China high-speed rail technology and equipment into the advanced ranks in the world. Fully demonstrated the social Chinese railway service economic development, create a better vision of the new space of people's life, entrusted with the Chinese railway to deep the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the pursuit of hope.

Take the lead in Beijing South Railway Station and ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station two-way starting

Tomorrow, the "Renaissance" will take the lead in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway at both ends of the Beijing South Railway Station and ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station two-way starting, respectively, to play G123 times and G124 high-speed trains.

"Renaissance" why in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway starting, railway company responsible person, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway has opened 6 years of operation, passenger transport 630 million passengers, currently, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway daily passenger transport 505 thousand passengers, is China's busiest high-speed railway line, passenger transport market demand. "Rejuvenation number" pioneered the opening of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, which plays an important exemplary leading role in further improving the operational service quality of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and building China's high-speed rail international brand.

The use of the future railway company will also gradually "Renaissance" China standard arrangement of EMU products in different speed grade high-speed line, for passengers to travel to provide more choices and more comfortable and efficient travel experience.

"Renaissance" high safety, the car can charge freely, even WiFi

In order to ensure safety, "Fuxing number" along the way have "accompanied by doctors" intensive care. It has more than 2500 vehicles were deployed to carry out a full range of monitoring points, real-time monitoring of bearing temperature, temperature of cooling system, braking system, state room environment, the equivalent of "general physical examination at any time to train". Once the train is "unwell", it will automatically alarm or alert, and timely "drug", and automatically take speed limit or parking measures.

More importantly, through remote data transmission, the ground can real-time grasp the state of the vehicle, train synchronization monitoring, remote maintenance.

Charging is not convenient? No internet access? These are not problems in the renaissance. In the carriage, passengers can not only charge the WiFi at will, but also get different light environment through the lighting control mode. The uncomfortable feeling of the ear can also be alleviated when crossing the tunnel or the train intersection.

China's high-speed EMU technology to achieve full autonomy, standardization and serialization

The railway company responsible person, China has formed a complete system of advanced technology of high-speed railway, high-speed EMU technology to China standard EMU as the representative, and the engineering construction, train control, traction power supply, operation management, risk control, system integration and other technical fields, have reached the advanced level in the world.

"Renaissance" China standard EMU built complete system, reasonable structure, advanced science and technology of the high speed EMU standard system, marks the realization of autonomy, the standardization of China's high-speed EMU comprehensive technology, greatly enhanced China's high-speed rail international voice and core competitiveness.

The future, China Railway will pay more attention to the safety, economy, comfort, intelligent, green, through the study of the application of new technologies, new materials, technology and equipment to enhance railway safety, applicability and reliability; through the research on Application of new technology, continuously improve the level of railway intelligent service, allows passengers to experience and to further enhance customer satisfaction.

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