Zhang Yingying killed more details exposed! And she suspects before, or sentenced to death

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Zhang Yingying killed more details exposed! And she suspects before, or sentenced to death

2017-07-03 08:34:41 3262 ℃

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) announced on the evening of June 30th local time, has arrested a suspected kidnapping Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Yingying's 27 year old man (Brendt Christensen). A media statement from the Justice Department said Christensen will appear in the federal court for the first time in July 3rd.

According to Xinhua,, a teaching assistant at the school's physics department, was less than 30 years old, according to Bana, a student at the University of Illinois, Zhang Yingying, who visited Christensen. According to the Legal Evening News reported that Christensen's social media information, he began to visit and learn where the University of Illinois, Bana - Champaign do a physics course teaching assistant in Zhang Yingying in 2013, and in each semester teaching have won the "best assistant" title.

Details of the case

Submitted to the central Illinois District Court's 11 page criminal complaint, FBI agent stated the part of the case, including the process of investigation and evidence pointing to the suspect suspect. The suspect vehicle door copilot excessive cleaning traces, and the suspect had overthrown their confession: first said the day at home all day long, second said the time is for an Asian woman with a lift, but she soon got off. In June 29th, important evidence was finally obtained, and the suspect recorded how he had brought Zhang Yingying back to his apartment and forced to hold it. The criminal indictment wrote at the end of the article, there is evidence that Zhang Yingying or have been killed, but has not yet published evidence of this judgment.

According to reports, the court documents also show that Christensen once visited a web site, the site's name is "kidnapped 101", the subtitle is "perfect abduction fantasy" and "planning a kidnapping".

According to Xinhua International, the reporter interviewed Wang Zhidong, a Chinese lawyer who has offered legal advice to the Zhang Yingying family at University of Illinois's Bana - Penn, and revealed two important details of the case.

Details: suspects and victims do not know each other

According to Xinhua News International reported, said Wang Zhidong, 29, the suspect Brandt Christensen on the phone in the process to the third kidnapped Zhang Yingying revealed the facts, the police according to the evidence of the arrest of Christensen.

According to Wang Zhidong understand, criminal suspect Christensen and victim Zhang Yingying before do not know.

According to Zhang Yingying boyfriend Hou Xiaolin description, Zhang Jie usually alert, but a "road crazy."". Due to the arrival of the day with the landlord's location, the need to transfer buses, so after the first car, perhaps because it can not find another station just in situ rotation.

Hou Xiaolin said, Zhang Yingying himself is a very punctual person, may see with the landlord agreed time is coming, under the feeling of desperation, just on the stranger's car.

Details two: suspects convicted or sentenced to death

Wang Zhidong also found another detail from the indictment: the prosecution was federal, not illinois.

Wang Zhidong read, Illinois law without death penalty, and in the name of the federal and federal courts prosecution, you can kidnap the death penalty, the criminal sentenced to death. This means that the prosecution is seeking the most severe criminal law against criminals.

For the first time hearing, whether the defendant pleads guilty or whether he is released on bail is the key

According to the Legal Evening News reported on July 3rd, the court, Wang Zhidong said the judge will ask whether the defendant pleaded guilty, possible answer is to recognize or not recognize, but the defendant's attorney may represent the answer that the defendant has the right to remain silent, the answer with "deny" is actually the same effect.

Another key question in the first trial was whether the defendant would demand bail. However, it is not known whether the defendant will make the request. If it is mentioned, the main point of the judge's measurement is whether a criminal will escape, and whether the two criminals are harmful to other people. "We certainly want the judge to sentence the defendant against bail."." Wang Zhidong said.

However, note that, about whether to bail or need to fully understand the characteristics of American criminal law trial process, this is the defendant in the prosecution after this period of time to be convicted before the law presumes that this person is innocent.

Wang Zhidong told reporters that the trial time of the case will be quite long, but not so good. How long will it take?. The case was heard from the start to the final decision, and Wang Zhidong felt it was impossible to hear and adjudicate at the end of the year. It was possible that all trials would not be completed in 2018.

According to overseas network reported by champagne, Illinois University, many concerned about behalf of Zhang Yingying's organization, "pray Zhang Yingying, safe return home, campus walk and concert", 29, held in champagne, iraq. 1, around 4 pm, one of Twitter users upload 29 day evening activities photos, white men in the upper right corner of the image with a beard, wearing a black T-shirt and black backpack back, like Chris suspects kidnapped Zhang Yingying (Brendt Christensen), the tingsen netizens have to FBI with the Iraqi police the Bureau requested to verify.

Netizens think, if the photo is really right above Chistensen, "it was felt with hair standing on end". The inference, the suspect should be to disassociate themselves involved, also from participating in activities, the police investigation and FBI master progress situation. Zhang Yingying's family and friends, look at this picture, and that the suspect looks very similar, he should, "it is too sick, too shocked".

An Iraqi teacher who also attended the 29 day campus walk and concert said he was impressed by the black man in the picture. "I thought he was very funny, but I didn't think too much at the time."".

Neither FBI nor the police responded to the matter.