Last night, Haining people dig a few sacks filled with corpses

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Last night, Haining people dig a few sacks filled with corpses

2017-08-12 23:02:36 202 ℃

According to the 19 floor usersAmin @ HainingBroke the news:

Haining Yuan Hua fairy bridge near the excavator to the body, body odor, when installed in the dug out of the snakeskin bag.

The police rushed to the scene

19, friends and circle of friends also sent the latest news

@WX~10206231:Listen to my friend said, flower killed was dismembered in snakeskin bag, at the time of construction to dig a terrible ah! Really fake ah

@ Ma Tong xi:Yuan Hua had an accident, is it really?

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There are people in the live broadcast of the latest situation

@hhhhhetu:With the police confirmed is really dig into the body but a few bodies do not know. Now the police are asking daily shop which sold the sack

The latest case is

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(all users broke the news, the specific circumstances to the police announcement)


The 19 floor hot friends:

@Mobile phone 45697653029:May also be dead, secretly raise, the result was dead, and did not dare to throw, so I put chopped snakeskin to bury

A real man @ 177:I wish not snakeskin bag...@ alien from you and me:Not long buried in the stinking buried near the school that is near the residential area since buried instead of burning ash into the river that is eager to kill to hide

In step @ gu:FML, near my house, home will be passing the junction.

Happy @ yykkyykk:Don't talk nonsense, listen to the Public Security Bureau of investigation results.

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