Wu Jing was forced to donate one hundred million: not moral kidnapping of others, is how the most basic education!

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Wu Jing was forced to donate one hundred million: not moral kidnapping of others, is how the most basic education!

2017-08-12 23:02:58 524 ℃

The pictures are from the network intrusion delete

In August 8th after the Jiuzhaigou earthquake, a large wave of stars have suffered a moral kidnapping, because the "wolf 2" fire Wu Jing also spared, pushed the public opinion in the teeth of the storm.

After the earthquake, Wu Jing issued a disaster to pray for micro-blog, has triggered a collective climax forced donation. Some netizens directly call Wu Jing said: the boss, "wolf 2" box office immediately exceeded 4 billion, he donated one hundred million to hit you.

Then, let Wu Jing donated more and more people ask someone to donate 500 million, 4 billion at the box office after Wu Jing will donate all. Their logic is very simple: you Wu Jing "wolf 2" so high at the box office, earning so much money, how can not donate? You not only the film reflects patriotism, you need to pass money to prove that you are really patriotic, otherwise, you so-called patriotic is false.

This is a stark moral kidnapping, but micro-blog people still silly remarks on "I this is not moral kidnapping." The use of this politically correct patriotic thing coerce others to contribute to what is not moral kidnapping?

In the face of the keyboard man of the wave of offensive, Wu Jing did not respond positively, but quietly through Jet Li's one Foundation donated 1 million yuan.

But donated 1 million, even moral kidnapping, said too little to donate 1 million, 10 million only. There are said to have been 4 billion at the box office, at least to donate 300 million.

The users also face, think you bought four tickets, have the right to ask others to donate, or request a refund. It's funny, buy movies is your personal consumption behavior, this is your purchase, you don't have to, but you consume the products of others, can moral kidnapping others?

Some people say that this can blame Wu Jing's bad luck, just to break the box office record, immediately exceeded 4 billion, Jiuzhaigou earthquake happened, keyboard man who is naturally out in force, "nouveau riche".

I don't think Wu Jing's bad luck, I think it is nowadays a part of three keyboard man twisted, was a result of Wu Jing's dilemma. They have a very strange logic, that is: the money you earn more trouble, you should. They will be based on your income for you to estimate how much to donate, donate, will you donate less, spray, spray to you, give much to you, or spray.

During the 2008 earthquake, many stars and the rich are involved in the donation, there are a lot of people in contrast to rich stars and donations, which people feel the amount of the donation is not to their psychological expectations, the world will be posting abusive. Even more exaggerated, but also to call someone, slander and denounce.

The flood disaster area of southern China not long ago, many stars involved in donations, while fans did not receive the news of donations Luhan, so there are a number of people went to Luhan micro-blog scolded him: "as the annual income after Fan Bingbing small meat, why are you petrified, too stingy to pull out a hair of the affected areas?"

In China has become a force to donate. There is such a group of people, in the event of a disaster particularly willing to add their own play, what they do, but the requirements on the network to do so, do that. Disaster, into a carnival of their.

These people are not involved in the rescue, but never spray rescue people suck, they have donated 10 Fen, the star was forced to abandon the donation, donation amount is too small. They never act, but in order to force others, highlighting their morality and how noble, how great love is boundless. They said people hypocrisy, the hypocrisy is actually full of them, but it is always in the humanity, justice and morality, let others pay. Like "The Legendary Swordsman" in Yue Buqun, said the arena of moral, the door upright, but privately practicing evil sword spectrum. Just as the arena of moral things, nothing to do with their own.

These moral kidnappers ignore a reality, that is, people earn more money, others are with the ability to work hard to earn, not to mention Wu Jing's box office is 4 billion, even earned 40 billion, that is their legitimate income, the tax payment to the state, the divided into to the shareholders 10 Fen, no relationship with you.

Wu Jing for the film will own the house mortgage 80 million, where are you? Others at the box office record, you will emerge as a big tail wolf, forcing others to contribute to you what?

There is a simple reason many people do not understand, that is, not in others how to make money this thing, no more right about how others spend money. Money is another skill, how to spend money is the freedom of others, as for donation donations, is other people's choices, not any backseat driver.

The kidnappers and moral action the biggest difference is that the moral kidnappers always used to attack others without morality demonstrate their moral character, and the actors, is when every time a disaster occurs, quietly walked in the front, in reality to solve the problem.

When Wu Jing was asked to donate 100 million, he quietly donated 1 million, and the one million is more likely to donate out of his own choice, and non threatening donation. And those moral traffickers, they donated a penny?

As an action, the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, 2013 Ya'an earthquake, Wu Jing had personally to the disaster area to participate in disaster relief, but those forced to donate hypocrites do what?

Silent who are not necessarily concerned, they may be physically jiukujiunan, and sound to show off, more likely to be too busy to win the eye, love, and don't do what the people are.

The movie "donkey" water a line said well: what your morals to kidnap my interests? The moral self-discipline since ancient times is used, the law is the law of people, do not understand the moral talent with moral law.

This is the reality of the best allegory, because in reality, there are many dealers are required to morality, others with their own moral.

The 70th anniversary year anniversary, Christine Fan did not send a parade of news, but the family photos, it was called "unworthy Chinese", and Christine Fan in a public opinion, to apologise. Last year when Qiao Renliang died, his friend Zhao Liying and Joe Chen micro-blog because there is no time to mourn, almost no users have been sprayed into the sieve.

But, what a person in his own moral to judge the behavior of others, to their own requirements to others? Such a person, a good listener is moral dealer, said bluntly, is the moral person. To reach a set of moral purpose by asking others to do something is egoistic performance.

Moral traders are usually self-centered, they think, others only according to their own requirements, is the moral, or immoral. Others is strong, so others should help the weak, rich people, so they should donate. But they forget yourself, and what are the rights to make decisions for others? He asked in what position do?

In fact, a similar thing forced to donate life, we will encounter a lot of.

Friends and they talked about the party last week, a former colleague is this: friends eat together, it is not on him, but he took the menu to the people around to say: "you see what to eat, casually, anyway XXX pay, his wages are higher than we have money."

This is what we call people's generosity, not their own ability, but the high Zhilai others to show off their generosity, but others actually paid. Always feel that others better than yourselves, you should pay some money, as if they are out of the sky, the flood came.

Money is others, has nothing to do with you, or donate, flowers are not flowers, is their own choice, you don't have any right to moral kidnapping.

The donation itself is a warm and glorious thing, is a full of humanity thing, don't put it into the interpretation of a comparison let alone drive a duck onto a perch, really want to donate, it seemed like forced donations.

One of the best educated, is not moral dealers, does not interfere with other people's way of life, not to be generous at the expense of others. I want to do good, feel noble things, want to do, try your best to do it. But as you do so, please don't pull on others, because you do not ask others to do anything right.

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