"You come to rescue me!" One day, two 80 has high speed of sudden death! The reason people heartache...

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"You come to rescue me!" One day, two 80 has high speed of sudden death! The reason people heartache...

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One day two tragedy:

Two 80 men have high death!

August 10th at noon, Ningbo high-speed traffic police command center received calls, said a driver urgently needed relief speed.

When the police arrived on the scene, found the driver has no reaction......

After the hospital preliminary judgment, men are dead because of cardiogenic sudden death, the possibility of large.

Just a few hours later, in the evening, and there was a guy because of heart attack in high speed.

The heart is still not comfortable to drive on the road

A 37 year old manBefore the sudden death called 120.

Near my Hangzhou Hangzhou Expressway to the direction of great saphenous, my heart is very uncomfortable, you come and save me!"

At noon on August 10th at 12:12, Ningbo high-speed traffic police command center received a phone call to the 120 emergency center, said the expressway to the direction of Hangzhou great saphenous toll station near a driver in urgent need of assistance, but there is no specific location of each other, to the high-speed traffic police for help as soon as possible to determine the position of people.

After receiving the alarm, the first time with the high-speed traffic police driver contact,Continuous call several times, the other phone has no answer.

Is life, high-speed traffic police immediately dispatched two patrol cars, to help people find the relevant sections of the vehicle and. Finally, found a car parked on the hard shoulder of the trailer to the direction of Hangzhou imported 294km+500m acceleration ramp toll station police in great saphenous.

The man open Semi Trailer

The police immediately came to see, after opening the door, found the cab lay a man, no matter how the police can call against the man did not respond, the police determined he should is to help the driver.

The trailer cab, the driver left the slippers

Then the 120 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene. The emergency medical examination, the man had no vital signs, although the doctor carried out the rescue for men, but unfortunately still failed to save his life.

After the initial diagnosis by Yuyao people's hospital,Men are dead because of cardiogenic sudden death, the possibility of large.

The police learned that the man surnamed song, sudden death, the people of Shandong. Song of a 37 year old, his family in Shandong, he is the only living alone in Ningbo work.

The song of the family, as early as two or three days ago, the song because of a heart uncomfortable hit a 120 emergency call, then feel the situation is not serious, so yesterday will continue to drive on the road.

Long song carry drugs

Sadly, a few hours later, a 88 year high on the Sichuan small group of sudden cardiac death......

Physical discomfort with car delivery

88 years of a sudden heart attack and died.

In August 10th 8 pm, Ningbo high-speed traffic police received alarm the driver said in the Beltway to Ningbo Baoguo Temple direction 69K+100 meters, there is a truck with the car guy heart attack, need emergency rescue.

Ningbo high-speed traffic police detachment of four police brigade of the first peak time drove to the scene, the warning measures.

The incidence of the guy looks about 30 years old, tall and a little fat, the entire people have incontinence, become unconscious.

The peaks and 120 emergency doctors rushed to the scene of the emergency rescue measures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and so take on the guy, and help doctors with the guy on an ambulance.

Then the guy was the first time rushed to hospital, unfortunately, although the doctor to rescue, still could not save back to his life.

At the peak of the Ningbo high-speed traffic police issued a circle of friends: let us all down......

The truck driver told police, the onset of guy surnamed Chun, born in 1988, Sichuan, is on the truck with the car personnel. The driver said, Chun before the history of heart disease, before the car, the body some discomfort, but he carried some drugs, eventually with the car on the road.

The vehicle line to the section of the incident, Chun sudden heart attack, shortness of breath, incontinence. The truck driver immediately fed him to take the medicine, but no effect, then he doesn't respond.

This is a long Chun carry drugs

High speed traffic is different from the place, in addition to the car before condition is good, but also to ensure their own health. Especially the annual running of long-distance truck drivers, a lot of people in order to earn enough money to support the family, day and night, stay up all the year round, more likely to cause physical emergencies.

High speed traffic police hope all drivers to pay attention to health, safety, if there is a history of the disease, personnel physical discomfort, do not force the car.

Go out in the outside must pay attention to the body!

Don't let love you worry about TA!

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