[attention] Wu Jing Zhou Libo was accused of fraud, forced to donate to donate, you have enough keyboard man!

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[attention] Wu Jing Zhou Libo was accused of fraud, forced to donate to donate, you have enough keyboard man!

2017-08-13 00:45:31 214 ℃

"Comrade Wu Jing to donate one or two billion under the state table?" "Wolf 2" at the box office, Wu Jing was forced to donate. Zhou Libo donated 1 million 200 thousand yuan for the timely arrival of alleged tax fraud.

However, the fact that hit the keyboard man's face...

Wu Jing was forced to donate, Zhou Libo was accused of tax fraud

After the Jiuzhaigou earthquake, many stars sent a blessing at micro-blog, which Wu Jing also sent a micro-blog: pray peace zone.

However, some users have subsequently issued such forced donation requirements:

Because Wu Jing took a hot Chinese the main theme of the film and the furious "keyboard man, look for nationality cannot discredit him, actually came up with a new way:" forced donation".

Their logic is: since you are Wu Jing's "patriotic", so love "theme" movie, you have to get in the Sichuan earthquake to donate large sums of money, or you are a liar, patriotic is false.

Zhou Libo donations, also caused a storm".

The day before, Zhou Libo micro Bo said "by the Sichuan Red Cross to the earthquake stricken compatriots donated 1 million 200 thousand yuan":

However, according to chinanews.com news, the Sichuan provincial Red Cross responded: as of 12 at noon yesterday, has not yet received donations in the name of Mr. Zhou Libo.

Then there are friends opened on Zhou Libo's taunt: he is with the idea of donation.

The fact that the keyboard man blush

When will this help the keyboard man in pounded the keyboard when press the attack on Wu Jing, Wu Jing did not respond, and his wife Xie Nan have quietly donated 1 million yuan to disaster areas.

Sichuan Province, the Red Cross official website posting said: 10 16:19 04 seconds, Sichuan Red Cross received the remarks as "Sichuan Jiuzhaigou donation (Zhou Libo)" the donation of 1 million 200 thousand yuan.

10 evening, Zhou Libo responded in the micro-blog of this storm:

These things should be like should not be sprayed

After the earthquake, China Insurance 11 million yuan donation to the disaster areas in Jiuzhaigou.

Wanda Group donated 10 million.

There are a number of other companies have donated 10 million, some 1 million, has donated hundreds of thousands of.

There are corporate donations:

In addition, the Beijing municipal government of Sichuan for $3 million in donations, donation was 5 million in Shandong province.

Some stars also donated money. Huang Xiaoming "by Huang Xiaoming tomorrow love fund" to Jiuzhaigou donated 500 thousand yuan for post disaster reconstruction.

Wu Jing was not only in the earthquake in Jiuzhaigou donated, prior to the Wenchuan earthquake and Ya'an earthquake disaster relief operations, can also be found in the shadow of Wu Jing.

The media pulls some photos of Wu Jing involved in the rescue during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and Ya'an earthquake in 2013, from the exposure of the photo, when Wu Jing had told the police officers to carry bag relief materials handling.

And the relief of the people's Liberation Army soldiers ate, tired in the flower bed and lie down.

At that time, Wu Jing Jet Li as "one fund" of volunteers to participate in disaster relief in the temple, shabby tents stayed for a week.

Wu Jing and Yao Guozhi, Zhang three actors in a tent, when the heat of the tent, as high as more than 40 degrees. Every day they go vegan and monks, six in the morning to get up, drove to the disaster tents, relief supplies.

Especially in the week they hit, the hot sun had a headache, it is difficult to have a cool place to the disaster area.

In the 2013 earthquake in Ya'an, the movie channel has assembled a 12 film crew into the disaster areas in Ya'an earthquake relief scene record the scene, filmed the "big love story" - such as the Ya'an earthquake series. Wu Jing is one of the volunteers for the director.

The same year, he also directed the first micro filmed movie "my battlefield", the film focused on the earthquake relief special forces rescue forces.

In an interview, Wu Jingceng tells him that the original debut,

"I object the shooting is the commando rescue forces, this is a test of my ability to respond, because troops impossible for you to stop filming, I can only capture. In the affected areas of the day, I and the soldiers ate together, they moved me very much, in fact, many of them are 90 soldiers, but the hard environment has made them look older than I do."

"My battlefield" stills

Have no size, donated it

When Wu Jing knew the amount of 1 million donations for the disaster areas in Sichuan, the netizen said:

"Make so much money just to donate a little!"

In this regard, the majority of users were refuted...

Miss s's peony soup: hate to tell the truth or moral kidnapping in person has no obligation to donate to donate much more is not illegal not to donate my right donation is my love to donate what is my mind

A: how much money people entertainment and donate much without any relationship, the key is to have a good heart.

Girl rabbit: respect, is one of the most basic moral cultivation. Respect for the views of others, respect the choices of others, respect other people's life. In this era, can do "do to others, but a lot of" can do "do you also want to," was the most valuable. You think, do, but don't force others to do.

Chengdu youth: morality as a kind of social norms, and better laws have binding effect, do not have mandatory. Try to ask others to use the charity "moral stick" through various means, and has no robbery.

Many users praise for Zhou Libo donation points:

A typist cute little week 3: acridine for his contributions to the actions or points of praise

Ten Inch Hero: after all, people donated so much, you donate his spray?

Niiccckkkk: a code that is worthy of praise

In this regard, how do you see?

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