Changchun 22 year old woman went to Shenyang a hotel paid escort by two men posing as police robbery

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Changchun 22 year old woman went to Shenyang a hotel paid escort by two men posing as police robbery

2017-09-11 09:45:54 383 ℃

In August 7, 2017, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Shenhe Branch police brigade after careful investigation, in a relatively short period of time, in one fell swoop cracked posing as police implement malignant cases of robbery, the success of the two suspects Zhou (male, 28 years old, Yichun City, Heilongjiang province), Kwak (male, 39 years old) arrest.

August 2, 2017 6 am, Shenhe branch five river police station received the victim Lee (female, 22 years old, Jilin province Changchun city) police said: a man in the understanding of the Internet make it to a hotel for paid escort, when it came to the hotel, into the elevator, a strange man with the ladder upstairs to the police, the stress to the hotel outside a blue Buick GL8 car business for more than 5 hours. During the period, the man and another man on the car to its threat, intimidation, beatings, forcing it to take 20 thousand yuan, otherwise it will be sent to the police station, according to prostitution. Finally, the two men robbed him 3000 yuan after the release.

After receiving the alarm, the Shenhe police instructed the criminal police brigade to set up a task force, to investigate the crime vehicles, police investigators through the city's nearly hundred vehicles of the same type, one by one investigation. Check out a same type of vehicle, and the vehicle involved in the vehicle trajectory is more consistent. After investigation, the owner of the car for women, but his son Zhou, Lee identified by the victim, is determined to be one of the two men robbed. So far, the task force successfully locked the suspect Zhou true identity.

In August 7th, the ad hoc group scout found the car parked in the City Road No. 358 downstairs, decided to network surveillance aircraft. 17 PM, when Zhou and another man came to take the car, dispatched police successfully arrested him. On the spot after the review that, and Zhou came to pick up the car man, it is in the case of another suspect kwak.

After the trial, two people posing as police robbery crime confessed. At present, the two suspects were arrested for robbery under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.