34 years old, hundreds of millions of bosses suddenly died, leaving more than 6000 stores, the money is not healthy, all white busy!

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34 years old, hundreds of millions of bosses suddenly died, leaving more than 6000 stores, the money is not healthy, all white busy!

2017-09-11 23:25:51 223 ℃

These two days, the circle of friends spread a message: 34 year old nameless edge rice noodles founder Meng Xiangsong, left forever.

Meng Xiangsong grew up in a rural area of Northeast China in 2006, alone came to a restaurant in Harbin dishes, then made the knife, cooker, finally cook. He said: "as long as it is able to earn money, so that the family's life can be better, no matter how hard and tired, I am willing to do.".

In 2007, Meng Xiangsong took his family to Chongqing and opened a small restaurant, which resulted in a loss. A year later, he came to Changsha again, and made 100 thousand dollars a year. This year's Spring Festival, he came home for the first time in 8 years.

After a period of time, he plans to contract a retail outlet in Harbin, Manhattan, 8 square meters, with annual rent of 90 thousand. In opposition to the family, in March 18, 2009, the first nameless edge rice noodle shop opened, with a total investment of 120 thousand yuan, which is also the first rice noodle shop in Harbin.

2012, nameless chain stores more than 2300. And now 7 years later, nameless edge rice noodle store, a total of more than 6000. In an interview, he planned to increase the nameless rice noodle store to 2 in 2 years. Then he didn't wait for that day.

In 2013, more than 3600 anonymous chain stores, in 2014, nameless chain stores more than 4700. In an interview, Meng Xiangsong also had their own planning ring edge Rice noodles, to 2018, the National more than 20000 chain stores, built by the food, catering, transportation, electronic commerce as the main business of the diversified group of companies. Chain business center financing listing, access to the capital market.

However, he did not wait until the day of listing.

In the minds of many people, Meng Xiangsong is a legend

His sudden departure gave us a reason -

A healthy life is the greatest luxury!

Life is a hundred years, and soon become empty. Life never comes, never dies. Through life and death, we will understand the weight of healthTo.

In recent years, the sudden death of the rich

In 2004, the reform and opening up, the influential man Junyao Group Chairman Wang Junyao died at the age of 38.

In 2006, the chairman of the Shanghai electric group, Nan min, was suffering fromAcute cerebral thrombosisRescue invalid death, onlyAt the age of 37.

In 2007, Xu Weilin, chairman of Green Wood Co.myocardial infarctionThe invalid died in the yearAt the age of 42.

On 2008, Zhang Shengyu, chairman of Beijing Tongrentang Limited by Share Ltd burstHeart diseaseDie, onlyAt the age of 39.

2013, the former chairman of the Royal mud square Wu Lijun burstBrain diseaseDie, onlyAt the age of 36.

In 2013, Nanyang Tongyu Group Chairman Wang Qinglai burstCerebral haemorrhageDie, onlyAt the age of 43.


Everything is expensive, only people become more and more humble
Never say you have money
What is the relationship between health and money?

Health is intangible assets

Health care is a bank deposit

The disease is a malignant overdraft

A serious illness is ruined

How should the disease be dealt with? Focus on prevention!
A man dies not of sickness, but of ignorance. Even if you have much more money, you have no health. What else is the use of money?

Hard struggle for decades, a serious illness back to the past.Usually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, in health care, health care, disease prevention, you can save a lot of money spent in the hospital in the future. Today, reluctant to spend money on health prevention, will spend more money to cure! 30 years ago after 30 years with life for money, money to buy life! Do you think this account cost?

Health is the essence of health, to have everything!

The body is the capital of revolution, regardless of money, no money, have to spend money to maintain their own good health, happiness and happiness!

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