Falls: maternal husband before marriage has to buy a house and a car income fifty thousand or sixty thousand

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Falls: maternal husband before marriage has to buy a house and a car income fifty thousand or sixty thousand

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Delta is the birth of the occasion, pregnant horse furry falls dead in the hospital

Yan Haoyu, this is the name for the baby. In August 30th, the night before the horse, furry and her husband Yan Zhuangzhuang said his ideas, let him think about it, the future can register the birth certificate.

The whole family are waiting for the new life comes to some good news, no one thought, a "a corpse two life tragedy will happen. In August 31st, Ma Ma Ding fell from the 5 floor of the two district of Obstetrics and gynecology in Suide Hospital of Yulin First Hospital. Police identified: the deceased Ma Moumou Department jumped to commit suicide, excluding homicide. So far, no one knows exactly, horse furry finally enters the delivery room more than 40 minutes, what happened, make cheerful this extreme way she chose to climb a meter high jump window. Truth Pushuo, Ma furry family and Yulin First Hospital might be coerced into the whirlpool of public opinion. On the mode of production, guardianship, hospitals and families of alternate voice, both sides argue, a "Luo Shengmen" each one sticks to his argument, gradually formed.

In the 11 day after the death of Ma Ma, after a round of "who is responsible for" the game, the family and the hospital began to mediate. The voices of the two parties are becoming weaker and weaker, but the mystery surrounding the death of the deer is still not completely solved.

The family memories, in the horse has no abnormal mood before admission

Be hospitalized

Until 31 PM Ma hairy body was found after her mobile phone has also been called, a lot of people waiting for the good news of her mother.

The last lap of the horse's hair remained at 8:29 in the evening of August 30th. The content is a small department of hospital video, climb the stairs at the Yulin First Hospital in the video, she just from downstairs to the eighth floor. Stair climbing is a way for pregnant women to give birth.

"Walk", the horse furry text seems impatiently. Someone in the comments comforted and said: "to go to the hospital, so it is... Because..." due to the 30 day at 8 in the morning, Ma furry and mother-in-law Wang Mei came to Suide Yulin First Hospital hospital obstetrics and gynecology examination, the result is very good, showing all the normal fetus. The doctor reminded him that he was going to be born soon. He could be hospitalized. He gave the horse's antler a hospital certificate. Furry horse is very happy, will check the results of the phone to inform her husband Yan you. As the residence was only five or six minutes away from the hospital, the horse had a hospital certificate and returned home for a rest. Afternoon, Yan Zhuangzhuang did not go to work, to accompany the furry horse for hospital admission. This day, Ma furry and Yin Zhuangzhuang received a lot of friends blessing information. They had to say, "I just got into the hospital. It's still early. About tomorrow."." A college roommate called ma, and she thought she was in a good mood. "She was looking forward to the birth of the baby, and there was nothing wrong with it."." Before going to the hospital, Ma Ma's mother-in-law prepared clothes, quilts, and milk powder and other daily necessities, waiting for the forthcoming grandchildren. The evening of August 30th, the extension and Zhuangzhuang mother to accompany the furry horse in the ward, the room has a caesarean section patients. Horse antler appears very relaxed, has been chatting with the "neighbors" and their families, asked about the production problems, talking and laughing, until about 12 before taking a rest. That night, Ma Ma Ma and her husband said that when he was in his hometown, he gave a name to the child, so that the husband and other options were compared and selected to fill in the birth certificate.

The husband said. He and his wife married you, the feelings have been very good.


Ma Ma is out of the countryside out of college students, Party members, the village elderly feel is "great thing", 26 year old Ma Ma, graduated from Yulin University. A college student recalls, "horse velvet more honest," "not very outward publicity, but not too introverted, not talking.". Especially good character, impeccable." The student recalled, "Ma Ma study hard, usually go to self-study, the results are moderate, belong to that kind of hard work, very much.". On weekends, I go to work to earn money. It's like sending fliers and billboards. There were five brothers and sisters in the Ma family, three died, leaving her and a younger brother, and two were college students. The village of Yang Yuan (a pseudonym) heard horse furry and brother very close, often for her brother to buy clothes and love to eat." In the university classmate Zhao Zengzeng memory, the horse antler is kind and helpful, personality is more cheerful, love to laugh, and classmates relationship is very good. "When I was writing my paper, she helped me look up the information and gave me some advice on how to write it."

After graduation, Ma Ma worked as a tutor in a Yulin training institution. By a friend, Ma furry and Yin Zhuangzhuang know, love is not long, they decided to get married, the wedding date in 2016 February 16th of the lunar calendar.

In Northern Shaanxi rural areas, wedding ceremony is a special grand event. Relatives remember, the wedding day, about two or three people came. The wedding wedding in the Yin cave cave Zhuangzhuang home, an elaborately decorated, affixed to the window with the antithetical couplet, wedding room, blowing balloons, streamers hanging on the house. A friend Yan Zhuangzhuang confirmed that married more than a year, the feelings between husband and wife is very good. Yan Zhuangzhuang said, some small conflicts between husband and wife, but soon reconciled. Ma Ma sometimes curious to ask him, "why do I quarrel with you, you do not quarrel with me?"." Horse velvet, cheerful personality, good at communication. Her grandmother said, "there's nothing wrong with the family," said the doctor. "There's nothing sad or hopeless about it."." After marriage, Ma Ma returned to Suide from Yulin, although in Suide only for more than a month of classes, but colleagues and friends are good.

Even when living in a small county, couples occasionally get romantic.

In February 14th this year, Valentine's day, Ma Yan received 520 yuan red furry to strong, she could not live in the circle of friends show, read "the rose is not interesting, the actual point to the red, there are three naughty expression. The extension of strong work is very busy. After work, however, he always takes time to ride a motorcycle and carry horse antler around the county town. Last year, Qixi received her husband's roses and gifts. At eight o'clock in the evening, two people went to the cinema together, because the time is late, no special love horse furry film, just pick up a Hongkong gangster film. Small town did not have much fun. The horse liked to go to the amusement city to catch the baby, but at the beginning, he was always worried that he could not catch it. There is a delay, Zhuangzhuang grabbed a children watch phone, this is almost the best game prize, furry horse particularly pleased, refused to give the watch strong extension proposal. She said, "it's no use now. Keep it for your child later."."

A Valentine's day, Ma furry received from her husband love red


After the marriage, Ma Ma returned to Suide County, in the county cosmetics shop for more than a month, not long after pregnancy, resigned from the work. After pregnancy, the horse antler pay special attention, rarely go to the game city.

The baby's birth to life, add a lot of fun and look forward to the couple. Many topics between husband and wife are unfolding around the child.

About five or six months pregnant at the time, the horse knew his furry belly is a boy, she asked Yan you love a boy or a girl, you Yan said with a smile, both men and women, let it be. To him, is always a furry thing about a horse, she soon told you about. Dedicated to the online extension Zhuangzhuang reference to a lot of names. Privately, the husband and wife also discussed the birth of two children, and feel that the two children each other company, for the child's growth is good, Ma Ma Ma and her husband joked: "more children, to make more money.". "Their economic situation can also be, in the village belong to the middle and upper levels, there are 6 Hole cave, cave is not very valuable, but in Northern Shaanxi, it belongs to a family facade.". In the county area, before the whole of the purchase of a house, a car about one hundred thousand car, the stability of income extension about fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan each year during the. The conversation between two couples occasionally involves the child's education. Ma Ma felt that their graduation, higher diploma, coupled with education has been done before, more qualified than their husband to educate their children. That's the horse's confidence. In January 3rd this year, during pregnancy, she also made a recruitment: "I am proficient in foreign language primary school and junior high school mathematical subjects, if you rest assured your child to me, I will for your child's weaknesses, one on a targeted counseling, help your child to complete the leak......". You. Also, he has not resigned to playing second fiddle "plan, because he love flower, but no time to learn. The extension of strong said, "I'm going to take my son to be well versed in the cultivation of fancies of men of letters." With the child in the future infinite beautiful dreams, with pre production period is approaching, furry horse has been careful to do the new preparation. One month before the due date, the county seat of Suide suffered floods, and Ma Ma Ma returned home for some time. Don't remember, Ma Ma, the whole person seems to have a sense of well-being when the mother. Ma Ma often asked the sister-in-law, "you see, I still have something missing. What should I prepare for the confinement, and I can buy enough for myself?"."

In order to ensure the health of the fetus, she often walks from one end of the village to the other, about 5 kilometers wide, and sometimes goes to the next door in the village. This is the way she exercises her body. In August 22nd, at the noon of his home trip back to Suide, the horse made a shopping list for his husband on WeChat, including a vest for fear of catching cold. In the home, Ma antler also gave the child a name, as the last alternative, called Yan Haoyu. Ma Ma antler and more than mention a person, they have already put the child's name up, she played a husband also played a.

According to the husband and wife, after the child was born, they moved out of the flat, moved into the county house. This house bought before marriage, the house has been decorated almost, but has been idle. The idea of horse antler is very clear, after the child was born, most of his energy to throw on him.

A horse from the furry finally enters the room, to fall dead for more than 40 minutes, there are still questions to be solved


There is no sign of tragedy. At 6 in the morning on August 31st, the horse got up and she felt a pain in her stomach. The husband reminded him that he should pay attention to what he walks. After breakfast, she began to exercise again, climbed up the stairs, climbed four or five times from the 1 floor to the 20 floor. At 10 o'clock in August 31st, Ma Ma Ma entered the labour room. The process of labor, production and examination showed that both maternal and fetal indexes were normal. You extend outside the delivery room signed informed consent. The door of the birthing center separated the mother from the family in two worlds. Ma antler has been in the delivery room, through the SMS way, so that the family bought fruit, porridge and other food, more than 3 in the afternoon, Ma Ge SMS message to her husband: "porridge can be, (other) no more."." The delivery room door opens and the doctor goes in and out. When the baby is born, the nurse calls the family name at the entrance to the birthing center. The extension and strong family, has not heard the horse furry name. The extension of strong some feel anxious, but feel understandable, because it was in the delivery room, and his daughter-in-law in earlier than mothers, children not yet born. After 6 p.m., things began to run out of control. Has been hoping for natural childbirth, and admitted that the preparation of the pain of the horse's velvet, and can not stand it. Monitor screen display, 18 05 or so, the horse furry walked out from the labour room, walking for a while, the expression of pain paralysis kneeling in front of the family. After a brief exchange with the family members, the horse antler was carried into the labour room by several nurses. At 7:20 or so, the horse came out of the labour room again at. This silent surveillance video did not record exactly what the horse's antler was. The hospital's statement said that because of the pain, the mother asked the family for caesarean section, but the two were rejected by their families. The extension of Zhuangzhuang denies the hospital statement, he said at the time to find two doctors, the first doctor for caesarean section, the answer is given by the horse furry body no problem, better birth. The second is not a doctor.

Family members for the furry horse falls after the hospital rescue efficiency are also questions

fall off a building

"I now have to figure out what the tens of minutes, what happened inside the delivery room, who all know that children can ache, but think about the children immediately came out, a jump of courage, how could not give birth." These days, you have been trying to delay, why Ma wife furry would choose such an extreme way.

Since second time back to the delivery room, until life falls, the last more than 40 minutes of time, track horse furry still have blind spots.

Around 8 p.m., a nurse who came out of the delivery room said, "your maternity is missing."". The extension of strong anxious, did not stop, forced into the delivery room, a room for him in the past, there is no horse furry, he thought his wife went to the floor exercise, along the stairs ran to the top 20 inpatient floor, disappeared. Yan Zhuangzhuang recalls, Ma furry doctor told him, "you go down the man downstairs". Back to the first floor extension Zhuangzhuang in hospital, behind the building, the extension of strong far see a group of people around there, lying on a stretcher to a person on a large pool of blood. He walked over and recognized the man lying down as his wife's antler. "Then scared silly, do not know what to do, just know to let them rescue."." The surveillance video recorded instantly falls, 20:13 29 seconds, a shadow falls. The horse falls furry, parked a tricycle, she first fell into the tricycle windshield, then fell to the ground. The only witness, the horse falls furry Suide hospital district obstetric midwife Liu Li interviewed by the media said that the family did not see the horse furry, they began to find separately. When Liu Li entered the operation room, she found a dark shadow in the window. Half of her body was already out of the window. She rushed to the window and caught only the clothes.

"Was completely freaked out, the brain a blank, don't know anything. Because the backup operation room did not turn on the lights, there was no clear sight of who it was." For the first time in this case, Liu Li, when the reaction came, both legs still trembling, struggling out of the spare operation room, told the situation to colleagues. Until after 20:31 falls 18 minutes, 30 seconds, two medical personnel arrived at the scene, saw the horse furry after turn away. 20:34 50 seconds, 6 medical personnel arrived at the scene. 36 minutes and 42 seconds, the ambulance arrived at the scene, will be jumping off the stretcher, rushed to the hospital emergency center.

A few days, the extension of strong eyes closed on the front surface of the scene: the hairy horse lying on a stretcher, shed a pool of blood.

Suide Yulin First Hospital hospital ambulance parked in the hospital emergency department unified entrance, starting from here, turn left to bypass door clinic building, hospital building, and then arrived at the crash site furry horse. Video out later, the family questioned: furry horse falls, why the doctor is not the first time the alarm? The first aid center is 300 meters away. Why not bring it in the first place and start an ambulance?

After the incident, the extension you received a lot of accusations and even abusive messages

Play a game

On the occasion of the labor, the horse's antler, with the unborn child, jumped down. A corpse two life left blank, through media reports, the rapid fermentation, families and hospitals are enveloped in surging public opinions. For both sides, this is a game. In September 3rd, the first statement issued by the hospital, said the hospital, maternal family members recommended cesarean section, but the families adhere to the birth, and sign in the maternity hospital "informed consent", "three suggestions for caesarean section were refused". The extension immediately issued a letter on the Internet you have mobile phone number for help in the open letter, vehemently denied the claim. In September 6th, the hospital issued second copies of a statement, the monitor screen out, "two maternal kneel request was refused, the media once again ignited. The two sides have also suffered from each one sticks to his argument, criticism of public opinion, the extension you received every day a lot of harassing phone calls and SMS, mobile phone does not work properly, have to open the flight mode. Harassing phone calls and text messages filled with righteous indignation has not been interrupted only on September 7th, will delay Zhuangzhuang received 628 messages are filled with all kinds of abusive words, "murderer, die", "you scumbag, you are really a disgrace to Yulin" "go to hell, you do others husband?" There is no more evidence to return the hospital's statement, and other family members can only continue to extend his interview with the media about the situation at that time. The extension of strong worry, once the public opinion by the hospital guide, horse furry is not possible to solve the falls. "The death of my wife is hard to come by. It has been torturing me and my family, and now there is this public opinion." In order to break the law relationship with "," family refused Caesarean "rumors, Yan Zhuangzhuang and mother and mother-in-law, three people as much as possible at the same time a media interview.

Until September 8th, the consensus game between the two sides seemed to be a sign of calm. In September 8th, after several media interviews with doctors and midwives, the hospital canceled a number of media interviews that had been approved the following day. At the same time, the family also agreed to temporarily stop all forms of media coverage. Sources said, Suide district and Ma family has reached a preliminary mediation agreement, the content involves the amount of compensation, and the family no longer receive interviews. Traces of Yulin maternal horse furry falls incident, with the time of disappearing. On the afternoon of September 8th, a police car was stopped at the entrance of the hospital in Yulin First Hospital, Suide. Along the west side of the hospital building, to the north parking lot, the scene was no longer covered with blood. On the spot where the horse's antler fell, someone was putting on cardboard and lying down to rest. The passing paramedics saw it with a surprised look.

The horse furry WeChat named "beloved to come", but why in the end, is still a mystery.

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