Yulin maternal incident falls, the shady can not easily let go!

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Yulin maternal incident falls, the shady can not easily let go!

2017-09-11 23:27:56 167 ℃

In the past week, Shaanxi Yulin a mother unfortunately falls incident, has become the topic of explosive China network public opinion field the most interesting.

However, the upright brother does not intend to touch this topic at first, but the fact is not very clear, but a more important reason is the network a variety of long accumulation in this case by the mood to vent their grievances, many more marketing in this hot events by crazy cater to these emotions, in the eye at the same time. Also in the manufacture of a permit other voices "network of violence".

But today, as a lot of facts become clear, I think we can talk about the case.

Because we don't want this case to mislead public opinion, others framed black hand, just muddle through!

Next, want to use the most simple upright brother clear way, to clarify the Yulin maternal Dutch act event in one of the most attract your attention, but also is precisely the most inaccurate information, the so-called "maternal family to kneel down to request a caesarean section, the hospital has repeatedly suggested caesarean section, but was refused".

In fact, this unfortunate event will detonate the network, one of the most fundamental reason is that someone's "Yulin court" at 10 in the morning on September 3rd at its official micro-blog dished out the above statement. Moreover, the hospital also stressed that the hospital chief, the doctor, the midwife and the director of the Department recommended the caesarean section to the family members, but all of them were rejected by the family members".

Not only that, the hospital also deliberately monitor screen shots, showing the maternal "kneel" process.

The description of these hospital instantly detonated on the network have long-term accumulation of a variety of "fear of marriage", "fear of pregnancy", and "emotional medical", many network marketing, also immediately cater to these emotions, have written a Dutch act is forced by family members insist maternal, maternal were all of a sudden the families of the "enemies" of the "rats".

However, with the involvement of the media, the facts continue to be clear, a hospital in Yulin on September 3rd morning detonated public opinion siege of the family this situation shows, but more and more can not afford to test.

First of all, from the full video, the hospital announced after the maternal "labor" records, and a number of other doctors network analysis of obstetric hospital of maternal made in the similar "kneel" in action, in fact, is more likely to be women in order to alleviate the pain to make the duck sitting posture. Because she had entered the late stage of childbirth, in the upcoming delivery of the palace before the opening of the mouth, the pain is not, we usually understand the "kneel ask for help" action.

Secondly, from the hospital maternal labor day August 31st Dutch act record, before women jumping at 8 in the evening, all the medical examination showed that maternal birth process is very smooth, there is no need for cesarean section (C-section) situation, only mothers themselves is not willing to cooperate.

Moreover, the hospital's deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology later accepted the "Beijing News" interview, he also said that, in fact, as long as the mother of cooperation, can be natural childbirth, and there is no need for caesarean section.

The deputy director also said that although the wife was not fit, because there were mothers in the family at that time, so he still hopes to communicate with the family, to stabilize the maternal mood. The result of communication is that the family believes that the first natural delivery, so he also agreed to the first natural delivery, after all, in his view, women do not have the rigid indications of cesarean section, and the progress of the process smoothly.

He also said that in his personal view, without accidents, he also supported the spontaneous delivery.

Finally, it is the most important day of the incident, accompanying the maternal midwife said in an interview with "Beijing News", she did not put forward to the family must do a C-section proposal, and said the family was also not "refuse cesarean section", but "we'll Shun estate, listen to the doctor" the doctor said, while the reason is not to clear rigid index of cesarean section.

As for the record out of the hospital before accusing the families of materials when the so-called "family refused surgery", also said that she is actually a midwife by family members of the meaning of a "medical terminology", and then summed up his own, but this is not a family of words.

Then, from the hospital deputy director of Obstetrics and midwives expressed, the hospital official on the morning of September 3rd 10 released the declared "doctor, director and midwives are suggested to the family to do a caesarean section, but were rejected by the family" bulletin, has been a breach of the facts.

In fact, long before the hospital staff admitted the fact of being out of the media reports, maternal families have said that they would put forward the "first birth", is not necessary because the doctor said at the time of cesarean section. Moreover, the family also said that doctors have told them that once there is abnormal, and then cesarean section can also, so the family members agreed to the first natural delivery.

Moreover, the choice of family members in this case is very common in all Chinese obstetrics and gynecology. Some rational female users, obstetrician, and upright brother around some already had children of female colleagues have said that they are in the pro before delivery will be painful to give up, the choice of caesarean section, but as long as there must be a cesarean section mandatory signs, the doctor can suggest to try to persuade the maternal birth. Do not really have to split or. This is what is responsible for both the mother and the fetus.

In the current mood and position of the network in the world, Yulin is a hospital has now been proved not true bulletin, to make a reasonable choice of the family members of one family was thoroughly discredited, so even the netizen turns abusive, maternal husband looks into the emotional netizens think he is not worthy of trust reason...

To tell the truth, Yulin hospital discrediting this family medical ", and did not take a" medical "behavior: they do not have to go to the hospital to set off firecrackers, placed wreaths, and not to attack the hospital staff. What they want is just a saying: why should the hospital nurse skip the floor in the delivery room where families are not allowed to enter?

- chart for September 2nd family's appeal and protest, the hospital posted on the Internet, claiming no responsibility, and began to discredit the family.

Be afraid to make big things the hospital official not to reflect on their own work omissions, but in the field of public opinion on the "head start", the first responsibility deduction in the families of the body, and the "medical" what's the difference?

Even more dangerous is inspired by this approach the hospital strong irrational emotions, on the one hand will continue to erode people and families in our society trust; on the other hand will also lead to a lot of women do not understand the medical and family in order to avoid the risk and make a blind choice.

The figure for a variety of emotional marketing hype, ask the fact of the title of the article No.

At the same time, the hospital is also in the collapse of the past few years the medical circles and the media is not easy to play together through the real case to build the Medical Society for the rational cognition of medical accidents. This is why many online medical community "big V" not only from the case began, did not give Yulin a hospital to speak, but now in the hospital after being punished, have expressed the reasons for this result.

Unfortunately, not only has the hospital not made a public apology for this action, nor has it been mentioned in the official circular, but it is not enough to suspend the president and the head of the department.

Of course, just know some brother has already identified the "family guilty" users still will insist that "even if the hospital informed, maternal death and family related!"

The logic of this statement is: why other people's mothers did not jump off the building, only this maternal jump off the building? It must have been a deep conflict at home.

But at least for the moment, neither the media nor the official investigation has been able to prove that the families of mothers - especially husbands and mothers who have been abused by Internet users - have bad evidence for their mothers. It is the mother and maternal aunt has proven many times what they don't have contradiction between each other, the feelings of husband and wife is very good.

So, although the brother very clear upright on the network with a variety of "fear of marriage", "fear of education", "fear of husband", "fear of medical" and so on all kinds of "panic" of the origin, is also clear these emotions to express the reality; but as the media, we must speak with the facts, not groundless to meet the mood.

So now the fact that only proved to be the hospital use false information seriously mislead the users, if the family members.

Finally, just want to say a brother very ironic thing and everyone. The hospital and marketing with false information to mislead users, let a lot of people come after the girl child mother must present the conclusion, that women's real mother is at the scene, and she is in communication with the doctors, agreed to if there is an accident before birth, cesarean section.

In the driving position and mood, before the sigh of her husband and mother-in-law is not reliable, only how reliable people, in that the mother at the scene of the news, and immediately began to abuse the mother, groundless that the mother is weak, ignorant"...

This is why the upright brother now more and more reluctant to touch this kind of emotion has long been dominated and partial topic. Because many people care about the fact this is not the truth, but expressing emotion, then why should I not chat, then, against public opinion "?

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