A woman blew the gas and ran through the red light. When the traffic police got it, he was scared to jump out of the ticket!

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A woman blew the gas and ran through the red light. When the traffic police got it, he was scared to jump out of the ticket!

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A woman ran a red light, police actually gave her the cancellation of the ticket?

Why on earth?

After the woman red light, appeal cancel ticket

At 6:17 on the morning of August 21st, Zhuhai Ms. Yang driving Guangdong CM * * 59 private car traveling to the 105 National Peace Market Road, found in front of red light (start flashing yellow light), then the brakes slowly traveling stopped at the traffic lights. At this point, amazing scene appeared!

In the rearview mirror, Ms. Yang suddenly see the back of a bus suspected brake car, the speed is very fast, and sped toward the front to confound, Ms. Yang instinctively, immediately put the pedal to the left front of the red light rushed out. Indeed, almost in an instant, behind the bus line to Ms. Yang before the position of the light, then left by the first straight lane right into second straight lane, and then break lights.

Obviously, if Ms. Yang did not make an emergency response, light will be passing by the bus brush, and then heavy personal car overturned. Although the perfect avoidance of the bus's "kiss", but later recalled, Ms. Yang was still scared out of a cold sweat.

Please see the following figure we move

Ms. Yang believes that this is illegal in their own saved a life, it is the last ditch, if you have to accept the punishment, it is injustice fast enough. The traffic police department received a complaint after Ms. Yang, immediately verify the retrieval of surveillance video at the time, Ms. Yang found the reaction of the case, the traffic police to see all scared into a cold sweat, the red light behavior is indeed in order to avoid a rear license plate number Henan S9 * * 06, operating buses from Henan Xinxian County to Zhuhai a critical situation is, therefore, immediately replied Ms. Yang's complaint, to revoke the ticket, and silently in my heart for her clever a praise.

Of course, the operation of the bus almost behind the accident is not so lucky, state laws and family rules, operating buses driving fast on the road, but also the red light, regardless of the passengers regardless of life, illegal behavior is very bad. The traffic police department has been in accordance with the provisions of punishment the operating bus drivers, and interviews with enterprises responsible person, issued a rectification notice, and urge enterprises to carry out regular publicity, traffic safety, improve bus driver safety awareness.

An emergency ticket can be revoked

Until now, the answer was opened, traffic police were scared, not because women red lights, but this wonderful bus driver.

Special reminder:Under an emergency, not only red light can be revoked tickets, other illegal acts can also be.For example, when a car suddenly changes lanes, you will be hit if you don't avoid it. You have to force it down and change lanes, so that a ticket can be revoked. Of course, because of the emergency, and several traffic accidents will be a concrete analysis of specific situations, different.

Which situations can apply for cancellation of tickets for red lights?


Traffic police conductor

Sometimes, the morning and evening rush or accident case, due to traffic congestion, there may be the scene of the traffic police directing traffic, if the traffic police command gestures and traffic lights are not consistent, then you can according to the traffic police traffic instructions, "electronic police" is not captured. If there is a mistake, after the complaint, the traffic police department directly revoke the ticket.


Comity special vehicle

If an ambulance, a fire engine, a police car and other special vehicles are on the road to perform an urgent task, each citizen should avoid it.Running a red light or causing other traffic offences because of avoiding special vehiclesThe traffic police will take the initiative to repeal the law.Conversely, if not avoided, will receive penalties.

Legal provisions

"People's Republic of China road traffic safety law" fifty-third police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles performing an urgent task, you can use the alarm sirens and signal lights; under the premise of ensuring safety, without driving route, driving direction, driving speed and lights, other vehicles and pedestrians should be given.


The traffic light is faulty or the markings are not clear

Because the traffic lights malfunction, such as red light green light not only, or because the ground marking is fuzzy, the driver saw the red light to stop, but the line and stop, this is also strayed, can take evidence after the traffic police department to apply for revocation of illegal punishment. For example, due to typhoons and other causes of traffic lights and ground markings are not clear, the traffic police department will be all revoked.


By clone car red light

If the vehicle license plate is unfortunately a deck of others also ran a red light, you can be found immediately to the police department to appeal to explain the situation, the police inquiry can be revoked after having your ticket.

Like Ms. Yang in this article,

In case of emergency,

It is rare for panic disorder, change danger into safety.

Driving on the road is especially important for defensive driving!

What is defensive driving?

How do you drive defensively?

Life video must be seen.


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