Driving, the man suddenly reversing, hit the car, and accelerated crash car! The police were shocked to find out who he was

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Driving, the man suddenly reversing, hit the car, and accelerated crash car! The police were shocked to find out who he was

2017-09-11 23:29:55 224 ℃

It's driving well on the road,

Someone suddenly backed up and backed up!

The result is what you think,

Bump into......

But you guessed the beginning,

I can't guess the end!

BMW men suddenly Lianzhuang two cars, abandoned the vehicle and fled

The evening of September 8th, Hubei Wuhan Qiaokou District Traffic Police Brigade of more than 10 in the construction of a road to carry out remediation illegal at night.

23 am, at about 20 meters from the check point, a red BMW carsuddenlyPush back

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After bumping into the back of the car,Hit the car again and hit the car in the rear.

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The police were quickly forced to stop the car, at this time, I saw a shirtless middle-aged man opened the door, rushed out from the cab suddenly, across the street toward the direction to escape, but can't run out of 10 meters away was the police control, was brought back to the brigade review.

The two drunk driving, half consciousness blurred when arrested

By Qiaokou police investigation, the driver Wang is 38 years old this year, the Department of Shenzhen people living in Wuhan, working in a company in Shanghai.

He had dinner with his friends on the outskirts of town that afternoon,Drank about half a catty liquorAfter that, I went to KTV to sing and entertain,Drink plenty of beer during the periodThen, on the way driving home is Qiaokou police seized.

When Wang was seized, it is the peak of the outbreak of wine strength,He was half conscious, half naked and raving.

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After preliminary testing, the body alcohol content is 186 milligrams per milliliter of blood, alcohol, far more than 80 mg drunk driving standards.

Driver's license was revoked due to drunk driving

Police in the investigation also found that WangIn October 2015, drunk driving was once punished by the police,The driver's license has been revoked and shall not be applied within 5 years,How is that time is Qiaokou police seized.

This time, he was suspected of a number of criminal offenses, has been sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention in advance, and the remaining punishment is under further processing.

Driving without a license

Traffic accident

Drunk driving


Such people are on the way,

It's really scary!

Fortunately, the police found it in time,

Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.

You know, alcohol has a great effect on your body

The dangers of drunk driving

It can cause tactile numbness and can't control the throttle, brake and steering wheel properly;

It can cause a slow physiological reaction and can not correctly judge the distance, speed and traffic signals;

Sometimes it also produces psychological excitement, leading to overestimating yourself and doing crazy things.

We often say, "drink, drive, drive, and drink.". However, some of the people, with the law and regulations. As a child's play, there is luck. Because there was a traffic accident in the drunk driving,

Often harm to others,

Caused by the tragedy of the elderly!

These scenes can be avoided in the picture above,

But it's on our side. It's on every day.

Point to the thumb of thumb, spread!Defy the tragic consequences,Alert every driver!