Henan Hebi police decisive shot, successfully capture 5 robbers!

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Henan Hebi police decisive shot, successfully capture 5 robbers!

2017-09-13 12:05:27 101 ℃


The evening of September 10, 2017, a fire in Hebi city of Henan province Xunxian County police news spread throughout the Yubei area in WeChat.

But is it really the case?

Official circular

The next day, on September 11th, the Xunxian County police issued an official circular. Informed that the Xunxian County Public Security Bureau command in accordance with the higher card intercept arrest in Xunxian County, West toll station mission, in September 10th 18 PM 5 suspects were all arrested.

Righteous shots

According to the 7 dimensional perspective to understand the situation: the 5 robbers carried out vicious crime of robbery in Shanghai on September 9th, in Shanghai, when the police set up card interception,The robbers crashed into the police carThe police knocked, police officers were seriously injured! The robbers then went into high speed and fled frantically.

Shanghai police issued a hunting order, police along the high-speed road are ready to intercept arrest. 10, according to robbers escape route, direction, Shanghai police judge, they are likely to flee back home in Xunxian County. By the Henan police instructions, Xunxian County Public Security Bureau to intercept arrest task.

Intercept arrest process, to robbers vehicles in the intercept, in the face of this gang robbery in Shanghai after a collision police, police injured, extremely dangerous desperado, after verbal warnings,Xunxian County police decisive shot warningHe succeeded in arresting all 5 vicious robbery suspects.

This is a picture taken by the crowd on the scene

5 robbers were arrested and handed over to the police in Shanghai

The robbers' vehicles

Watch the people's live shooting

Hebi police take on

Some people may feel strange about bringing up Hebi, but if you mention the first public security bureau in Hebi for the sake of security, you may have an immediate impression.

Yes, this is Hebi, a city in the northern part of Henan province.

And from the face of the extremely dangerous robbers, decisive shot disposal, successful capture, we once again felt the police, public security organs to play!

The primary task of the people's police is to ensure the safety of people's lives and property! Cancel concert is to ensure the safety of the masses, shooting is also for the masses of the people, in order to implement the arrest task, police security.

In the face of a desperado, a little careless, a slight hesitation, will likely lead to painful casualties. Shanghai police car was hit, police officers are injured is learned, bloody lessons!

So, in the face of uncontrolled desperate robbers mustDare to shoot, shoot decisively! This is the power the law gives to the people's police, but at this point it is more duty!

The gun of justice rang: the scene was brought under control, and the robbers succeeded in capture!

If the robbers remained the same as recalcitrant in Shanghai, so they will not face the bullet into the sky and into their bodies warning!

This is the meaning of law enforcement authority and the significance of guns in the police hands!

Once again for the Hebi police to play Praise