Su Xiangmao lawyer: Dead mobile phone is unlocked, before jumping to many di Xinxin forced material finishing

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Su Xiangmao lawyer: Dead mobile phone is unlocked, before jumping to many di Xinxin forced material finishing

2017-09-17 20:12:31 361 ℃

Text |AI Financial Society Zhou Jingjing

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From the founder of WePhone Xiangmao Su leap has been in the past 10 days.

In September 7, 2017 5 a.m., Su Xiangmao xi'erqi residence Dutch act before death left a suicide note jumped, said he was "extremely vicious ex-wife" beaten to death, because of its ex-wife Zhai Xinxin to "evasion and WePhone network telephone function is two gray operation" threatening to ask for 10 million yuan and Sanya house.

1 days ago, the media reported that Zhai side denied on the Internet "Pianhun group". To sue Xiangmao ask for ten million and one things, because "Zhai Xinxin did not remarry, so proposed to get back to life, and ten million parents pension." For these claims, the Su family has not yet responded publicly.

In September 17th, AI Financial Society contacted the case attorney, and also Zhang Qihuai of Baoqiang Wang's divorce lawyer. He took over the case 2 days ago.

For the current public concern about the progress of the case, Zhang Qihuai told AI financial agency, now Su Xiangmao mobile phone password has been loosened, the mobile phone records have been recorded, is currently studying the case materials, for Zhai Xinxin is Pianhun is not a good conclusion, is expected next week to respond to foreign parties on behalf of the Soviet union.

"Su family's appeal is very simple, that is, to ascertain the facts and draw conclusions according to law". Zhang Qihuai said, Xiangmao Su's brother and sister have been in Beijing for him, things in the efforts of activists, they also signed agent contracts, a lot of students to help him, he was indignant.

Mr.Zhang Qihuai

"He is a IT male, full of wonderful imagination about love and marriage, but not sensitive to possible problems.". It may be a step by step to discover that your stress is too much to bear before you begin to review some experiences and find out what's wrong with each other. Su Xiangmao is quite fine, now many materials are sorted before his death, but in the end did not withstand the pressure."

Zhang Qihuai also remind you that if in love and marriage in relatively short time under the condition of one side began to stare at the money, not the normal living, we need to be alert. "In the case of the Sioux, his ex-wife needed so much money in a month," he said."

Public information, Zhang Qihuai lawyer is currently Beijing blue Peng law firm partner and director, worked at China University of Political Science and Law and Civil Aviation University of China. In August 15, 2016, Zhang Qihuai represented Baoqiang Wang in prosecuting Ma Rong for divorce.

As to why the two divorce cases with significant social influence were taken, Zhang said that ten years ago, he acted as the first case of marital fraud in china.

The case, the victim Ms. Zhou was newly married husband "fraud" millions of, when the "husband" because of rape, prison released less than six months. In the trial, "husband" also shouted "wife, I love you", saying "have feelings", and finally sentenced to nine years imprisonment by the court of Haidian. Earlier media reports, in the Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong divorce case, Ma Rong party in the trial does not agree and Baoqiang Wang divorce, said he and Baoqiang Wang have feelings.

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