Two girls in the restaurant to eat hot pot, is preparing to pay, but suddenly fainted

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Two girls in the restaurant to eat hot pot, is preparing to pay, but suddenly fainted

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Last month 11, Xiao Yang girl and friends to Hangzhou Xiasha a restaurant to eat, it is said to have not finished, Xiao Yang directly fainted, go to the hospital for examination, two girls are carbon monoxide poisoning.

Meet to eat hot pot, a person fainted

There is a Street No. 14 Xiasha Shimao Plaza, two floor of a mall restaurant, called "sheep old three old Beijing Hot pot barbecue lobster Museum", the main copper charcoal Hot pot last month, No. 11, Yang girl and a friend to dinner in the restaurant, the point of a copper Hot pot, meat with various vegetable cauliflower one hundred dollars, the two girls had more than 40 minutes, feel a bit dizzy, it is said that the scene is a restaurant inside, three wall, plus the fire smoke Hot pot in the non-stop, taste very choking.

Young Yang: "that house can sit seven or eight tables." (is there a window in that place?) There is no window. There is a central air conditioner. Does it feel good? Without ventilation, I felt a lot of smoke that day."

The two girls were going to pay the bill, and when little Yang Gang stood up, the man fainted.

Young Yang: "get up, I did not realize, the next conscious, already at the store door, a lot of people around me, pinch me."."

Delays in traffic and lost time pay

The restaurant manager quickly drove Xiao Yang and friends to the hospital, the doctor's diagnosis, two girls have the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, Xiao Yang of the situation is more serious, because few Xiasha hospital has no hyperbaric chamber, the manager of the restaurant and put two girls to the provincial people's Hospital, after oxygen therapy and two personal condition eased.

The next half a month, Xiao Yang and friends from Xiasha starting every day, rushed to the provincial people's Hospital hyperbaric oxygen treatment, two people spent more than 7000 yuan for medical expenses, reimbursement of the money from the restaurant, there are now two money is not available, a pen is ten day traffic subsidy.

Yang: "every morning, take the subway to the West Lake Culture Square Station, two people take a taxi to go to the hospital, after hyperbaric oxygen back, two people add up to one thousand and four hundred."

There is a sum of money is the cost of work, Xiao Yang and friends to their respective units for seventeen days off, according to two girls income proof, Xiao Yang monthly salary of ten thousand, the friend salary is five thousand and five hundred.

Yang: "according to the lowest price." (how much should it be?) About two people, six thousand dollars."

Restaurant Manager: things will be dealt with and the price will have to be discussed

Delays and transportation subsidies add up to seven thousand and four hundred. In order to get the money back, Xiao Yang talked with the owner of the restaurant for more than half a month, but the other side refused to pay. Find the Xiasha 14 Avenue "sheep old three old Beijing lobster Museum Hot pot barbecue", the business area of about eighty or ninety square, the ventilation equipment installation on the top, but the scene could smell a thick Hot pot flavor, Xiao Yang eat room about more than 20 square, the wall without windows, the door has been blocked by the furniture. The owner of the restaurant is not in the store. The eldest Wang claims to be the head of the restaurant. They can pay for the transportation allowance and the delay in work, but the price they offer will have to be discussed again.

Restaurant owner Wang sister: "it is normal, they want too much, we can not get out (to the boss to make a phone call, OK?) He'll be back in two or three days and he'll get things done when he gets back."

The restaurant owner's phone number, not willing to sister Wang told reporters, Xiao Yang and friends said, they can wait for three days, if the restaurant does not solve the problem of sincerity, they are going to complain to the Xiasha market regulators matter.

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