People in this life, the most afraid of suddenly read a map

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People in this life, the most afraid of suddenly read a map

2017-09-28 18:34:33 235 ℃

Call the wife, very easy, call the old woman, but it takes a lifetime.

On the subway, the man tenderly reaches out his hand to block his wife's seat and let her sleep peacefully. The man's eyes are bloodshot and his foot is a packet of medicine. He can see that the man is very tired.

She was 37 years old and had terminal cancer. He was 42 years old, jailed for 4 years for stealing money from an electric bicycle. In November 12, 2010 two, he held a simple wedding in prison, but the fairy tale wedding, but let the presence of hundreds of guests moved to tears trickling down cheeks.

In the Mount Huangshan summit, Wu Guanzhong in the painting, and his wife was standing behind the umbrella, for his wife after years of suffering from Alzheimer's disease, always afraid of gas did not close, go to the kitchen to switch back and forth gas, and Wu Guanzhong was behind her, she opened, he was shut. Never too tired......

On the Shanghai subway, the tired old father peacefully fell asleep in his son's arms. See more parents hug the child, but see hug old father sleep, or the first time.

We are ordinary people, can not buy BMW for parents, give him a hug, just like he was holding me.

A father went to the school to see his son, with a box of milk and a bag of delicious, also left a note, in fact, the father went to class for a son, only to see his son lying on the desk the morning sleep, did not have the heart to tell him.

A father carried more than 200 Jin of cargo on his shoulder, one hand holding a corner of the goods, and the other holding his little son down from the ladder, with a cigarette in his mouth.

Golden Retriever babe by the owner, took his three children to the city. Babe particularly sensible, owner to buy food, it crouched beside, waiting in the basket, it will help the master hunting home in the rain, will help the master take umbrella, take the garbage placed at the door, as long as the owner of a greeting, put them into the dustbin mouth. Babe knew that she wanted her child in the basket. On the road, 3 furry golden baby doze in the basket, could pick 27 pounds baby stop several times, in the city, facing the bargainer, know the child and to separate babe.

A mother lost little monkey, the world is full of fear, and full of hope, it affectionately hugged the pigeons, pigeons did not experience this world; fear and resistance, it responded to the acceptance of a lonely little monkey.

During the day, the tramp went to pick up the plastic bottle and ate it from the dustbin. He brought it back to him in the evening. Two months later, the man was found dead at the bottom of the bridge. The golden one was still wet... As the funeral man waved his broom, he sobbed away... It was still standing under the bridge until it was far away.

Near the Yiwu International Trade City, the sky with rain falling. A middle-aged woman and a girl found the instant noodles crushed by the car on the road. The little girl and her mother got off to find the empty plastic bag and picked up the instant noodles residue which was scattered on the ground. This time, the little girl smiled.

On the streets of Luoyang, an old beggar is reading a little beggar. He reads a Chinese textbook for junior high school.

Read not to speak.

A crippled school where disabled children can hear and speak, but never see the world. They are eager to learn at school.

The streets have been seeing each other for nearly a hundred years, and now their lives are very similar.

A beggar helps another beggar.

Who will inherit the quintessence of Chinese culture?

Migrant workers because his body is not dirty seat, sit on the floor directly.

In an underground sewage pipe construction site, the worker master is eating lunch, see reporters to take pictures of them, the master are embarrassed to say: "do not shoot, shame to the country."".

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