The woman did not agree with her husband An important juncture of life and death, the hospital surgery, well done!

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The woman did not agree with her husband An important juncture of life and death, the hospital surgery, well done!

2017-09-28 18:42:37 325 ℃

The woman was trembling all over the body, asking the doctor for help! But the husband blocked the situation......

At noon on September 23, 2017, the obstetrics and Gynecology Department of our hospital was as busy as usual.... At this moment, a young man was holding a young woman with a pale face, a cold sweat, and a pained face, and shouted, "doctor, come on!"!" The scene, the medical staff immediately came to hear.

Chen Yulan, director of the lead to patients around the side of history, while the nurse instructed immediately establish vein channel fluid infusion and blood pressure measurement. Asked about the medical history, the patient had a history of menopause, self-reported urine test, pregnancy, abdominal pain, and syncope before hospitalization. Director Chen realized that the patient may be ectopic pregnancy rupture bleeding, and in shock state, immediately take the patient to carry out color Doppler ultrasound examination, and sure enough, color Doppler ultrasound prompted: Annex area package considered ectopic pregnancy, liver and kidney interstitial effusion. Time is life!

Director Chen immediately to patients and their husband to explain the condition, the need for immediate emergency surgery to save the patient's life. At this point, unexpected things happened: the patient himself agreed to the operation, but her husband refused resolutely, and the medical staff were scolded all over the room, shouting: "what are you doing?"! I don't agree with your treatment! I'm going to Sanya, I don't believe you!" And make a radical action to turn the infusion tube off. Director Chen repeatedly patiently comforted and explained the situation, all communication invalid.

At this point, Huang Yongqun director heard about this, one from the operating table down, rushed to the scene, Xiao to love, move the rationale, and repeatedly communicate with patients and their husbands. The beginning of the views of patients but also because of the husband's opinion that does not agree to shake, treated in our hospital, but heard director Huang Yongqun firmly said: "according to your condition now want to transfer to the Sanya, time is not allowed. The biggest possibility is that you'll die on your way to the hospital!Life is yours, not your husband, and I am finally going to listen to your opinion!"

She finally made up her mind, "I decided to operate here."". In this case, her husband still disagreed, still very strongly opposed. So the husband and the director Huang said: "although you married your wife, but her life or her family; you can't stop us rescue; if the rescue because you stop, and if you cause your wife's death, you have violated the law." But the stubborn husband still disagreed and kept waiting for his family to come.

Huang Yongqun director wanted to help patients contact her parents, the patient can not remember the parents of the phone number, and her husband holding her cell phone, do not let her call. At this point, the patient became weaker and weaker, the complexion became more and more pale, the cold sweat became more and more concentrated, and the whole body kept trembling. She said feebly, "doctor, save me."! I'm dying. I'm going to have an operation!". But the husband blocked the situation is still deadlocked, departments immediately to the hospital administrative duty report, while calling 110 telephone alarm.

The hospital administrative duty director Ma immediately rushed to the scene, the first time with class leading assistant dean Wang Qing appointed Deputy medical director Chen Taichong rushed to the scene to coordinate the disposal; and the district police station also quickly out of the police, the police arrived at the Department to maintain the order of digital. With her husband at the battle, finally realized that the situation is serious, the hospital also feel responsible, to no longer block, consent and signed the relevant communication and informed consent.

With the operation notification issued, emergency response mechanism and technical advantages of our hospital began to play a role in obstetrics and gynecology medical staff together to start the race with death; in patients without deposit under the condition of hospital emergency opening Easy Access, for the department emergency laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery for patients with a ready to the operation room immediately into the rescue. Intraoperative abdominal cavity filled with blood about 1000ml, tubal rupture, still bleeding. After rescue the patients by the medical personnel count every minute and second, pulled back from the dead, finally out of danger.

Chen Yulan and director Huang Yongqun operated on the patient

Experience this matter, Huang Yongqun director said, "if the patient does not own the decision, we have nothing to do, we can not help but look at a young life disappeared in front of us?" If the patient himself agrees to the operation, the relatives block, we can also turn to the police, report to the higher authorities, the hospital administrative function departments come forward to communicate, the Department can continue to implement the treatment.

Doctor patient communication sometimes, we must use and emphasize the law at the first time and use the law to solve the problem. But more often, patients need to actively cooperate with medical staff. Huang Yongqun director called for each patient: "death in front of me, my life, I call the shots."!"

"The Department of health, life entrusted", when every step into the hallowed medical institution of physicians solemn oath moment has already decided their life-saving mission. No matter when, doctor, must be the one who tries best to keep you alive. Although the current doctor-patient relationship is facing various factors of disharmony, but they still keep the original oath, don't forget the heart, continue to risk in the way of saving temper line!

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