Retire, have money, have a girlfriend...... What made this American old man pick up his gun?

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Retire, have money, have a girlfriend...... What made this American old man pick up his gun?

2017-10-04 05:29:11 862 ℃

Las Vegas, Las Vegas, 1, the worst casualties occurred in the history of the United States shooting: a 64 year old white man shot down from the 32 floor, has confirmed 59 deaths, at least 527 people were injured.

When the special police broke into the room, the gunman had committed suicide. With the identity of this person to uncover the mystery, the hearts of the people is more and more big: exactly why he this?

[love bet, under the name of the house, there are aircraft]

The gunman, Stephen Paddock, 64, a retired accountant and real estate investor, lives in an upscale retirement community in the state of Nevada, nevada. Neither his brother nor his neighbors could recall him with a bloody shot.

The 57 year old brother, Eric Paddock, lives in Florida surrounded by media reporters. Eric said, "brother is a millionaire, no criminal record," may not even have a traffic violation ticket".

Agence France-Presse reported that Stephen only in the state of Nevada has two properties, the total price of more than $700 thousand, one of which is located in Maisky Te, from the "Las Vegas" Las Vegas one hour; the other is located in Reno, the local gambling center is famous.

In addition, Stephen learned to fly a plane with at least one private aircraft under her name.

If there's anything unusual about it, it's Stephen's gambling habits. According to his brother, Stephen likes to bet high on thousands of dollars when he plays poker or other gambling. "He texted me once and told me he had won $250 thousand at the casino".

Some speculated that Stephen had lost his bets, but the police had not yet found any clues from his financial records. According to my brother, even if my brother is in debt, my family can help him out of trouble.

What motive? Indifferent to politics or religion

Extremist organization Islamic state announced the claimed 1 shooting, claiming that Stephen joined the organization a few months ago, but also took a new name, Abu Abdul Barr Ameriki".

However, the extremist groups often "impersonator" attack, in order to achieve the effect of publicity. FBI agent Alan Laws said that Stephen has not yet found any involvement in international terrorist organizations.

According to his brother, Stephen has nothing to do with any organization, religion or political power, nor is it a white supremacist. "He didn't even care about that."...... As a rich man, he likes to cruise and gamble".

After the shooting, police broke into Stephen's guest room at the The Hotel At Mandalay Bay and found at least 17 firearms, including automatic weapons. Police later searched Stephen's residence in Maisky Te, and seized 18 guns, thousands of bullets and explosives.

That may not be the solution Ailikebaisi brother. Eric thought that although Stephen had a gun license, he had also bought several pistols and a rifle, but had never done military service before. "Guns are not very fanatical."".

Negotiations in the former FBI expert Clint Vanzant opinion, Stephen did not meet the Gunners typical characteristics, the motive of the attack remains a mystery. But it is certain that he spent many days to plan attacks, "he knows what you want to do, how to do, but he seems to have no intention of retreats".

A girlfriend often sends cookies to her old mother

After the tragedy, Stephen's 62 year old Asian girlfriend Marilu Danley jumped into the investigator's line of sight. FBI agents have tracked her down to confirm that she was outside the country and is now in touch with her.

The Associated Press reported that Stephen at least two divorces, and later Stanley cohabitation. According to Eric Stanley, described the "very kind", the 90 year old mother from time to time to give Stephen send cookies.