A cell phone inadvertently uncovered 30 homicide cases, the Russian couple cannibalism 18 years, no one found

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A cell phone inadvertently uncovered 30 homicide cases, the Russian couple cannibalism 18 years, no one found

2017-10-10 12:06:45 247 ℃

Authors: John, male farmer

Please read this article carefully.

Mobile phones for modern people, is full of private secrets of the goods, there are many people do not know the secret, only secretly hidden in the phone.

Pick up mobile phone experience may have been a lot of people, however, through the phone peeping into a big secret, it may not be so easy to encounter.

In September this year, Russia accidentally opened a large, continuous murder incident because it picked up a cell phone on the road.

Located on the eastern shore of the Black Sea city of Krasnodar (Krasnodar), a road worker accidentally picked up a mobile phone, want to try to find the owner of personal information from the mobile phone in the mobile phone inside him, open a photo album, but it was almost scared silly.

The phone is full of pictures that are not taken by the owner, but rather a picture of a man holding a broken hand in his mouth. Another, the same man stood on a pile of glass tank before duzhao.

Glass jars are nothing special, but they contain human organs and limbs.

A man is slowly approaching when workers realize that the owner of the phone may be a dangerous element.

The man, who looked a bit like a tramp, looked out at four and headed in the direction of the workers. When he approached the worker, he asked him if he had seen a cell phone I lost my cell phone."

Some suspected workers had already hidden their cell phones into their pockets, falsely claiming they had not seen them, and recognizing that the man was indeed the owner of the cell phone.

As soon as the man walked away, the road engineer quickly sent the cell phone to the police. The police found the owner from the SIM card, that is, the man in the picture, Barker Sheff (Dmitry Baksheev).

Seeing the police holding the photos, Buck quickly argued that he had accidentally discovered a human head on the road and picked it up on the spur of the moment. Although the network often referred to Russia as "fighting nation", but the police will not be the obvious excuse for cheating, Barker Sheff found the body is further pressed where he hesitated, saw the words repeatedly, the police immediately arrested the acting suspicious man.