Has China ever had firearms? When did new China begin to ban guns altogether?

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Has China ever had firearms? When did new China begin to ban guns altogether?

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China by foreigners as the safest countries in the world, and how much this China strictly forbidden some measures in modern firearms gun! In fact Chinese has also been flooded, people asked the old militia, they said that when the militia to carry a gun just home, including bullets. China's ban on guns began in 80s. When the government make a public security office (under government office personnel, public security comprehensive management office) power is very large, can not detain suspicious persons they think, the detainees insult is homely food. It was said that there had been a great disturbance, and the people who had been carrying guns had been strongly resisted, and suddenly they had been notified by the higher authorities to collect the guns stored by the militia at home. The security office was notorious for its cancellation of its eligibility for more than ten years. Villagers always believe that the security office has a lot to do with the prohibition of gun orders. Because of the lack of relevant information to verify, it is difficult to believe the relationship between the two horses who are not related to the horse and the horse.

There was a tortuous process in the history of gun control in China. It was not until 1996 that a comprehensive ban on firearms was introduced. China's management of firearms went through several stages:

During the period of the Republic of China, both the Beiyang government and the national government were allowed to own guns legally. After 1949, the new regime urgently needed to collect guns and regulate the use of guns, and promulgated the Provisional Regulations for the management of guns. The main contents are: 1, the definition of firearms, including shotguns, spear; 2, seized or picked up guns and ammunition, must be delivered; 3, in addition to troops, public security, "city people's government at or above the county level, the chief of cadres" and "people's government is mainly responsible for the district level cadres" the Department of traffic, the correspondent, head of the guards, and some factories, shops, schools and other public officers, approved by the relevant departments, can also carry firearms; 4, carry guns must also wear gun license issued by the government.

Since the definition of the gunman was broad in this period, there were still a large number of guns left behind after the weapons were taken. In 1963, Shandong province carried out registration of self-defense guns for government agencies, organizations, enterprises and institutions, with a total of 22 thousand and 900 guns and 2 million 200 thousand rounds of ammunition. 3426 muskets only chang beach, in Liaocheng, there are 1415 branches scattered in the hands should not be the possession of firearms, including high school principal, director of the farm, and the waiter, the driver etc.. The Ministry of public security allocated 500 Branch police special gun, in ten years, 222 were switched to other government departments, for.

"Attack" period, gun management was out of order, large inflows of private firearms and ammunition

"Attack" period, folk guns is once more rampant. In August 10, 1967, the Central Committee promulgated the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on dealing with the Jiangxi issue, requiring that armed forces should be armed in the areas where conditions are ripe....... In the future, in the District, people's armed forces must not put guns or ammunition to disguise to conservatives under any pretext." Later, guns flooded the country. Liu Daxiang, a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, recalls, "one day in mid August 1966."...... A factory's "rebels" drove cars and arms with 6006 guns trying to grab the guards, and clashed with another group of people. At that time, I was looking for information in the library, suddenly heard gunshots, later learned to grab guns, 'rebels' shot and killed the mass organization of three people." This situation was very common at that time, "gun management Interim Measures" apparently exist in name only.

How many guns and ammunition had flowed into the people? Mao Zedong in 1972 to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mrs. Bandaranaike said: "we have here a few years ago great disorder under heaven. All parts of the country fought a full-scale civil war. Both sides have guns, and they've got one million guns." Another data show: "by the end of September 1969, according to incomplete statistics, the stolen weapons and weapons to recover the situation is: all kinds of gun snatch (1877216, very), recovered 2131036 (, quite spoiled); all 10266 artillery, recover 14828 artillery; snatch all 442 million 170 thousand cartridges back, 340 million 40 thousand cartridges; various shells were robbed of 390642, recover 294259 artillery shells; snatch 2719545 hand grenades, 2734381 hand grenades to recover (collection number is greater than the number of stolen phenomenon, because no statistical statistics snatch factory production of new products and military organizations of the masses of homemade weapons and ammunition in number).

Policy reconstruction in 80s, tightening control, focusing on cleaning up party and government cadres revolver

After the reform and opening up, China has enacted a new "gun management measures", which has more clearly defined the legal gunmen. Compared with the 1951 legislation, now only border areas, coastal areas and other remote areas of the party and government cadres, enterprises and institutions of the security department, and a handful of other weapons need units to carry firearms in permission. At the same time, in addition to hunters, also allowing "non professional personnel hunting guns, limiting citizens above the age of 18, everyone must not exceed two".

During this period, it became a big problem for the party and government cadres to cooperate with guns. In the year of promulgation of the firearms management law of Shandong Province, 6393 illegal guns were confiscated in the whole province. Since then, Shandong has repeatedly cleaned up the province's self-defense weapons, such as 1983 should not take back 1420 firearms; in 1984, did not comply with the provisions of the wearing, 4335 guns, bullets, more than 20 thousand hair.

For the remediation of cadres gun problem, in 1986 the Ministry of Public Security issued a special notice, said that "the party and government cadres to carry firearms are more and more wide, more and more", only in Hebei Province in 1985 from the Party cadres to reclaim more than 1200 guns should not be dispensed. The notice also give cadres guns mismanagement, serious incidents caused by the case, such as the deputy director of the Handan Municipal Power Supply Bureau Zhang Xiaoxu will be "54" pistol and 10 bullets at home, stolen by criminals, and later resisted arrest and killed a County Public Security Bureau, political commissar of the Shanxi Huaihai Machinery factory; party secretary Kang Zejing the "64" pistol by his son away, his girlfriend killed. The notice said, "similar situations occur every year, not only caused some undue losses, but also caused a very bad impact in the masses", it is necessary to standardize the use of guns.

In 90s, China began to ban guns altogether, but it failed to stop the spread of guns

In the 90s of last century, on the one hand, due to the relatively backward gun management, another aspect of many enterprises, individuals, a large number of illegal production of firearms, leading to a large number of civil illegal firearms, vicious incidents continue. Ministry of public security statistics, from 1991 to 1995, more than 10 thousand cases of homicide, robbery, rape and other armed crime occurred in China, of which more than 3000 were in 1995. From 1991 to 1995, 1 million 50 thousand kinds of illegal guns were collected in China, including 13 thousand military guns. The use of firearms to further strict system, introduced in 1996 by far the most stringent gun control laws ".

This Law perfects the gun management system and establishes the principle of "illegal gun is a crime". The scope of guns for public use has been reduced once again, completely abolishing the possibility of equipping the party and government cadres with guns. Shotgun use is strictly limited, only the government approval of hunting field and related scientific research units, and hunters, herdsmen can configure. According to the explanation, "the hunters configuration shotgun, according to the needs of wild animal protection, strictly limit" herdsmen (more than animal husbandry income should be accounted for 50% of the income for life) pasture protection need to configuration according to the provisions of non herdsmen in pastoral areas may not be shotgun, shotgun configuration".

However, under the strict ban on gun system, it has not been able to stop the flood of firearms. First of all, transnational smuggling guns in serious condition, January 2000, a truck in the Mongolia border seized 236 boxes checked, 11 thousand and 800 Russian caliber gun bullets; in April of the same year, two attempts from the Yunnan immigration suspects, with guns with 48 army. Secondly, because of the high profits, domestic guns and guns are rampant. A heiqiang costs 200-500 yuan, such as selling to the terminal market, the price at least 4000 yuan. Therefore, for criminals, buy a gun is not too difficult, "both parties in advance without meeting can be negotiated transactions, through the online store, send text messages and negotiate in forums etc., and even the use of language to communicate, and ultimately in the house. He completed the transaction of guns". Gun crime prevention is still a long way to go.

China's strict gun ban is well known. In 2015, even a 19 year old boy was sentenced to life imprisonment for online shopping of simulated guns in Taiwan, on the charge of smuggling weapons". The problem is that in the definition of firearms in China, "when the muzzle of the projectile is more than 1.8 joules / square centimeter, the gun is identified as a gun."." The "simulation gun identification standard" stipulates that the simulation gun "launch metal bullet or other material muzzle kinetic energy is less than 1.8 joules / square centimeter."". In fact, 1.8 joules per square centimeter of kinetic energy can only cause minor injuries to the eyes. The penalty of this case has caused great controversy in the field of public opinion.

Even without considering the issue of citizen self-defense, China's strict restrictions on guns and imitation guns also make it impossible for hunting, military and collectors to legally obtain firearms. In contrast, similar to the strict control of firearms for Japan, and there is no legal access to specific gun channels blocked. In accordance with the "regulation and law", Japanese citizens can legally purchase and use of firearms, but has a very harsh conditions, such as shooting must participate in the study and examination; to the hospital for psychological testing and drug test; verification of background, make sure no criminal record, to buy a shotgun or rifle. Guns and ammunition must be stored separately in the home, and the location of the police should be told. Since then, the gunman will also annually firearms police inspection, etc., once he uses firearms for prescribed purposes, will face the highest five years of detention or 1 million yen penalty. Japan's gun control practices, for the United States, is also a model worthy of reference.