Such a beautiful girl has done such a thing! Police to its rental housing, and found...

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Such a beautiful girl has done such a thing! Police to its rental housing, and found...

2017-10-13 12:06:12 663 ℃

93 reporter Liao Zhidong correspondent: Hu Xuejun

Remember the song "Ode to joy 2" not long ago?

Just match the bag and costume

Just planted a prairie for the beautiful girls in front of the TV set

"Ode to joy 2" stills

There is a girl like "Qiu Yingying" on the back of the bag,It started frantically collecting"......

Well, things can not buy buy buy so simple... Have to talk about one thing... From September 19th.

2017.9.19 a.m.

Hangzhou Tianshui Tianshui police station received a department store counters staff alarm, display shelvesA small black and white packet was stolen, worth 2990 yuan.

After the alarm, the police quickly went to the scene to obtain surveillance video. A suspicious woman enters the police line of sight

September 18th afternoon monitor screen:

Lens monitoring, the 28 year old woman, lithe and graceful, near the display cabinet, the salesperson is receiving her.

Then, when the woman entered the storage room, she put out her hand to the display cabinet

To enlarge the picture, you can clearly see that the woman is ready to put the bag into her bag.

After the success, the woman quickly fled the scene.

The completion of the complete site preparation records the facts of the woman's crime

Then, the woman left the mall and drove away.

Police staring at the target, all the way tracking, finally locked its true identity.

On the eve of the national day, police rushed to Suzhou and arrested them in a rented room.

Capture the scene

Did not expect ah ~!

Police also found out in their home

1, 2, 3... Actually, there are 9 bags!

And they're all the same brand!

"It's all stolen..." the woman hung her head in frustration.

Stolen bags

"The two bags were stolen from two stores in Hangzhou", in the interrogation room, the women confessed to their illegal practices. "And 7 bags were stolen from Suzhou's stores from four to June this year."..."

"Originally, this is a business trip to Wenzhou, and then come to Hangzhou by the way.",But shopping malls, see this brand of bags, really can not help......"

After investigation, the suspect pingmou, engaged in beauty work in Suzhou, before there was no theft record.

These stolen packages, Feng one into the closet, carefully placed. Then why do you want to steal bags? You only stole one brand? Feng said so

"I love it, this brand and their design... So I don't hold it for a while... It turns out... It's out of hand."..."

This reason is also the first time Xiao Bian heard...

No matter how you like it, you can't steal it!

Agree with the point of praise!