24 year old female student in Dalian died in a car accident in Canada

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24 year old female student in Dalian died in a car accident in Canada

2017-10-14 11:18:32 688 ℃

According to the North American study birthday report, a fatal car accident occurred at 4:20 Campus on October 4th at Keele University in Toronto, York University (York). Studying in the school financial accountability system (Financial Accountability) Chinese female master Shao Peiqi (transliteration) was hit by a van suffered severe head injuries, died in hospital. Shao Peiqi, who died, came from Dalian.

It is understood that Shao Peiqi was knocked down by a car in Sentinel Rd near Assiniboine Rd on the southbound direction, the medical staff in 10 minutes prior to the scene, and students see Peggy down in a pool of blood, then stopped to help her stop bleeding.

Remington Latanville stopped bleeding for Shao Peiqi. Photo source: Global News

Incident place. Photo source: Global News

Witnesses said the truck driver was very young, and did not know that he hit a person, did not see someone crossing the road. It is reported that there is no traffic signal on the accident section, from where the nearest traffic light is 300 meters away.

Photo source: Global News

Photo source: Global News

Shao Peiqi, 24 years old, from Dalian, China, is the only daughter in the family. At present, parents have rushed to Toronto to deal with daughter's funeral. In that Peggy after the accident, many Chinese students went to the incident site and local flowers Memorial, York University also issued a statement on the Death Mourning student accident.

In recent years, Dalian overseas students often encounter news when they encounter unfortunate news abroad.

None of us knows the unexpected, which day will come and go out, and our safety will affect the hearts of the whole family,Protect yourself, pay attention to safetyThese words can not be spoken only, but should be put into action. For those who travelled to study overseas students in Dalian, the word is very important. (according to "V views Dalian")