Japan hit the first British people: I want to Chinese Xiuying high iron

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Japan hit the first British people: I want to Chinese Xiuying high iron

2017-10-19 01:40:11 600 ℃

"Made in Japan" has been renowned in Europe and the United States, but yesterday, made in Japan "Shuiliandong" high iron total disaster its UK debut, for a time, Britain's dismay. In the process of event fermentation, "China" was repeatedly mentioned.

Yesterday is the British people are proud of the high speed rail line, the starting date, BBC way to show a pattern of cost 5 billion 700 million pounds of high iron made in japan:

"It increases the carrying capacity by 24%!"

"It's just one word."!"

4, the world's highest class of high-speed rail - Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway

5, the world's first new Alpine high iron - Harbin high iron

6, the world's longest single operation mileage high-speed rail - Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail

7, the world's longest construction mileage, high-speed rail - Lanzhou Xinjiang high-speed rail

8, the most amazing high-speed rail traffic, hundreds of millions of passengers ride

Have to say, high-speed rail has become the daily standard of the Chinese people:

Not only that, China's high-speed rail is cheap, compared with the British high-speed rail, in 2015, China's high-speed rail cost per kilometer is 1500 Wan Yingbang (about 130 million yuan). And the cost of the British high-speed rail is only one kilometer20 times as much as we do,At the same time, China's high-speed rail construction period is often faster than competitionOpponents 3 times.

Because of this, in recent years, China high iron has been accepted a number of national high-speed rail project, although there is a breach of contract after winning the bid by the phenomenon, but Chinese high iron fame has been renowned at home and abroad, a trend which cannot be halted.

More gratifying is that China's high-speed rail driven not only their exports, but also directly led to the rise of China's sophisticated manufacturing overseas.

Previously mentioned MADE IN CHINA, more fakes, clothes, a little better is iphone.

Yesterday, the "made in China" subway was officially put off, and the export place was Boston, the United states.

This also further explains that the position of "made in China" has been firmly established among countries all over the world. This is not to blame British friends yesterday hit "made in Japan Shuiliandong" shame, "I want a Chinese high" protest.

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