Xi'an responds to 38 car collisions: the acceptance of critical water sprinklers will be adjusted flexibly

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Xi'an responds to 38 car collisions: the acceptance of critical water sprinklers will be adjusted flexibly

2017-12-06 09:27:17 167 ℃

accident time: December 2, 2017

accident: open the door near the West Bridge

38 car Lianzhuang two injured

today (December 5th) morning, Lianhu District of Xi'an City People's government official website and publish information @ Lianhu, December 2nd Xi'an West Second Ring Road Viaduct 38 car to open the door collision accident response.

1018 Shaanxi wide news learned that the afternoon of December 4th, Lianhu District government leaders chaired a special meeting to listen to the traffic police, urban management, environmental protection and other departments on December 2nd near the West open the door on the viaduct traffic accident disposal progress, in recent days the media reports of serious study, on the problems existing in the work of profound reflection, the deployment of improvement measures on the subsequent disposal and road watering work.

's staff at the meeting agreed that " sincerely accepts the media and the public's criticism and supervision of ." This accident reflects that of Lianhu District's relevant departments in the field of standardized operation, supervision and guidance, responsibility implementation and other aspects of is not in place and not solid .

12 2 July accident scene photos

1018 Shaanxi wide news learned that the Lianhu District will be from the following aspects of the work to make improvements: one is the

always put people's lives and property safety in the first place , urban management, environmental protection, traffic police and other departments to carry out road cleaning, suppression dust sprinkler, traffic management and other work must be based on security, must first consider the people's travel safety.

two is Lianhu District Urban Management Bureau to strictly implement the winter sprinkling operation specification, , , according to the temperature change, arrange the wet operation time and frequency reasonably. Use warning signs to remind past vehicles and personnel to slow down during the sprinkler operation. To ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. At the same time, we should improve the responsibility of the staff and do a good job in daily education and training.

three is the traffic police department as soon as possible to do a good job of the investigation and disposal of the accident and the aftermath of the work . We should strengthen the management of road traffic safety in the whole winter area, do well in propaganda, prompting, patrol and order, standardize the work in a timely manner, and promptly deal with the problems identified, so as to ensure the safety and smoothness of vehicle driving.

four is the relevant departments to regularly inform the media of the accident disposal situation, timely response to the concerns of the masses and the media, and consciously accept the supervision of the masses and the media.

five is that all departments and units in the whole region should draw lessons from each other, draw the conclusion from the following points, carry out the work of large scale inspection and safety improvement in autumn and winter, conscientiously implement the responsibility of safety production, and strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers.

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