The foreign ministry is angry. Chinese netizens are angry and don't take the country as your Babysitter

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The foreign ministry is angry. Chinese netizens are angry and don't take the country as your Babysitter

2017-12-06 18:30:36 145 ℃


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motherland is not your nanny!


Bali Island

Bali Island Chinese Chinese citizens evacuated citizens evacuated,

once again to refresh the world perception of "China efficiency",

once again let people go with head high and chest out in front of the world. From November 25th

Argonne volcano

, the Indonesian government issued notice to the crisis, the government began to

Chinese coordination airlines,

is ready to transfer to Bali Island from the domestic aircraft back to China tourists. On the 29 day of

11, the weather improved.

came from China Eastern Airlines,

China Southern Airlines and China Xiamen Airlines 6 aircraft.

immediately flew to Bali Island from Beijing, Shanghai and other places overnight, and the

air machine went back to the airport.

was transported back to thousands of people in the early stage,

, and in just 5 days after that, the

government of China Re hired a plane to Bali Island.

returned all the 17 thousand Chinese citizens who were on the island safely. The

world is once again stunning for China.

because in such a short period of time,

took all the people safely back, and

did only the Chinese government.

South Koreans scolded the Embassy on the Internet:

"Bali Island volcano erupted, what are you doing?"

Japanese is infuriated to black the Japanese Embassy:

"Japanese Embassy even the Japanese do not save."

Australian net friend said: "

" "the country does not come again, I will swim back."

such a comparison,

Japanese, when Koreans, Australians,

still online overwhelming scold their government and embassy, China citizens stranded on the island of


had a mass evacuation of Bali Island.

when people from other countries return home,

Chinese are on their way home.

tens of thousands of netizens were moved to tears:

"I know that the motherland will not forget us."

"I'm relieved to see the five star red flag."

"this life, not regrets for the Chinese children and grandchildren."

this time, it is true that the Chinese government is in great favor again.


foreign ministry angry

moved to moved.

for the motherland to praise the same time,

I also want to scold a lot of Chinese citizens, why do

say that?

to a

report, Xinhua News Agency reported that Bali Island tourists evacuated

events, a female tourists told Xinhua News Agency reporters,

she is November 23rd to Bali Island, then met

volcano, the results of the stranded on the island, "after

, our country coordination airlines, today we take

the plane back home,

we are very excited very happy, we

a few people, about two in the afternoon back to Xiamen."

noticed the time she said,

11 23 arrived in Bali Island,

and dozens of people.

, there is no doubt that at that time,

must be more than


must have a large number of Chinese people in the past.

look at the Consulate General in Denpasar Chinese security alerts on their official website,

I cut a picture down:

map can be seen from the

, in early September 27th,

Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar and the Ministry of foreign affairs,

has released a security alert,

warned Chinese tourists this time not to go to Bali Island,

from September 27th until last December 2nd, all

is all about travel to Bali Island's

security alert, that is to say, from September to December,

in the Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly reminded

, there are still a large number of Chinese tourists to visit Bali Island, no foreign

Department of safety warning seriously;

not his person. It's all right;

doesn't make any trouble for others at all.

in this case, the Ministry of foreign affairs was angry.

12 1 months,

Ministry of foreign affairs and the Consulate General in Denpasar Chinese issued a security alert:

of the Ministry of foreign affairs and China Consulate General in Denpasar,

once again reminded China citizens recently temporarily do not go to Bali Island;

remain vigilant at China Bali Island citizens,

do not pay attention to their own safety, to the area around the volcano activity.