DNA paternity expert: 1000 men are raising children every year

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DNA paternity expert: 1000 men are raising children every year

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listen to the paternity tester tell a real parent-child identification story, the real life is far more twists and turns than the film and TV play, it is more worthy of aftertaste.


, a little married woman. A father took a pair of twin daughters to paternity testing. The reason is that he thought the longer the two children were, the less he was like himself. The results of the

appraisal not only made him, but also made all the people startled: one of the twin daughters was his own, and one was not.

a girl took 4 men to make a paternity test to know who the child was in the stomach to decide who she should marry. Waiting for the result, 4 men stood at the door laughing......

Deng Yajun has been engaged in DNA appraisal for 15 years, and has undertaken ten thousand paternity tests every year. 10% of them are not born, which means that 1000 men are raising children every year.


who were hiding in paternity hidden reason behind

2016 a day early in the morning, Deng Yajun's to the identification of a family of 5, grandparents, mom and Dad, and a grandson. They came from the countryside of Hubei, and the early train went straight to the identification station.

, Grandpa said, many people in the village said that only five people in his family and his grandson looked at intelligence quotient. No one else was a bit silly. He presumed that little grandson was the grandfather's son. "I want your authority to make an appraisal to prove that those people are talking in a mess."

, though grandpa's voice kept reverberating in Deng Yajun's ear, the appraisal result was unquestionably placed in front of her: grandson is Grandpa's son.

Deng Yajun and his staff are not surprised. He stressed constantly, "I ran all the way to prove innocence", but the result actually told us that he is innocent".

, we don't know what the purpose of his paternity testing is, but he let us know a truth: is not credible to any one of the parties. The only thing we can believe is our appraisal results.

maybe grandpa heart has hidden secrets, so he did not tell the truth. But to say or not to say, it is not important, because the fact is there, and Deng Yajun is not going to get entangled again.

with "secrets" to identify a few. One day,

, a woman who was dressed and looked beautiful, went into the Institute and tried to make an appraisal of the 6 month old child in her stomach.

Deng Yajun asked, "did you bring your husband's blood sample?" The other side shook his head and said, "no, I took my husband's driver's fingernails."

Deng Yajun opened his mouth in surprise: "your husband's driver's fingernails?" "Well, it was he who brought me." The opponent's expression was unusually calm.

Deng Yajun understood that if she had ruled out her husband's driver, the child was her husband, or she would be her husband's driver.

woman 30, married to a 50 year old businessman. "Marry him, you have to have a child for him." Actually, she married, have a child to secure his position.

later, she has a child, they don't know who he is, she is afraid of giving birth to a child by her husband, thinking, decided to go ahead, give the child a good identification, timely processing of the belly of the child. After the results of the

identification, the child in the woman's stomach was her husband's husband. She frowned when she got the result.

looked at the bulging belly of a beautiful young woman, and Deng Yajun had already imagined the fate that the child was going to face. Deng Yajun felt very sad when the child eventually became a victim.

Deng Yajun also met a more than 60 year old man, is a look at the intellectuals, make people feel very sensible, but in the blood, but with unusual dedication. Before

, he had been to 4 accreditation agencies, and the results showed that his son was his.

but the old man still didn't believe it, and was identified two times by Deng Yajun's identification, once anonymous and once a real name.

when he took the two time to get his son to be his own identification results, say anything to talk to Deng Yajun.

"I didn't have fertility at all when I was young. Why is this child my? You must be wrong. "

"Lord, you have been to three or four accreditation agencies, all said to be your son, how can you be wrong?"

the old man listened to the fire, "did you put pressure on the institutions and let them identify my son?" Deng Yajun listened and cried, "Lord, this is impossible. I am not so capable, and we will respect the results of every appraisal."

in order to soothe the old man, Deng Yajun talked with each other patiently.

originally, many years ago, the old man had a disease, and the doctor decided that he had no fertility.

could surprise him that he had a child later, and he didn't believe it.