Chengdu girl riding cracked car, stay Meng Meng Da apology by the owner to forgive

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Chengdu girl riding cracked car, stay Meng Meng Da apology by the owner to forgive

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incident when the note left by Zhang.

"my little yellow car is deeply" kissed "your car butt, I am sorry! If my repentance can not get your forgiveness, as long as you can wipe out your 'pain', money I go out. I'm really sorry! "

"don't pay for it! Are you not hurt? "

"to see your message, I feel excited and happy, money, please don't care for it!"

car owner was hit by the tail light.

carelessly scratched the car parked on the roadside, how to do it? Are you waiting for the owner to come back to apologize to bear, or take advantage of the four person running away?

last weekend, home Sister Zhang Longquan bicycle ride sharing cracked roadside car taillights, left a note for let Meng Da apologize, did not think the owners not only texting expressed understanding, without her compensation, more concerned about whether she was injured.

other open-minded accidentally "trouble" the girl felt very warm, so the hair in the circle of friends. Later, her friend posted the story on the Internet, and the words and deeds of his sister and owner were praised by netizens. More people said, "this warmth has covered up the winter in Chengdu."

Xiao Zhang left a letter of apology, changed a kind of humorous tone, but the sincerity does not change.

12 2 on the afternoon of the afternoon, taking advantage of the weekend, home to live in a small town in Longquan, Chengdu, to go out to go out. She unlocked a shared bike and turned two corners. As soon as she came to the door of the community, the cell phone in her pocket was ringing. A small piece of hand to hand out a bicycle, mobile phone, and bang when sound, even with the car crashed into a white car.

she looked up, this car the car taillight is unmanned sight through a block. Think your car has been scraped caused by the bad mood, care, Zhang decided to write a small note to apologize.

do not have a pen and paper? Search and go, Xiao Zhang found a paper towel, and then borrowed a pen from the security guard and wrote down his apologies. "My little yellow car is deeply" kissed "a mouthful of your car butt, I am sorry! If my repentance can not get your forgiveness, as long as you can wipe out your 'pain', money I go out. I'm really sorry! "

"although the car has insurance, but the end of the year, in case of the insurance has been reported, it is troublesome." In the paper, Xiao Zhang deliberately leaves the way of contact, indicating that it is willing to take responsibility. Taking into account the dust and fallen leaves on the car, she was afraid that because the rain napkin was wet, she found a foam paper on the roadside road and wrapped the "apologized bar" carefully, and carefully clipped it on the wiper.

bike girl and the car owner's text message dialogue. After more than

2 hours, the apology was conveyed to Mr. Zhou in the hands of the owner of the car. Mr. Zhou,

's home in Changchun, Jilin, has been living in Chengdu for four or five years because of his work. On the evening of the day, he was going out to drive, and he came to the car and saw the note on the windshield wiper.

"I didn't find the car hit when I didn't see the note." Later, Mr. Zhou rolled around the rear of the car. It was discovered that the lamp cover on the right rear side of the car was hit by a five or six centimeter hole. "I usually encounter some small hang ups when driving outside, but this is the first time I encountered such a warm heart treatment. Mr. Zhou did not reply on the spot because of the urgent need to go out for


was back home on the same day, and it was more than ten in the evening. According to Zhang left the phone number, Mr. Zhou carefully edited a text message: "see your message, I feel excited and happy, for your deeds, also show my respect for your play and aboveboard! You have to destroy the fresh and refined vulgar, money, please don't care for it!" Because of the fear of disturbing the other person, he sent the message in the early second days. "

" when you see the paper, you don't get angry. People don't get hurt. They don't think they really want the other person to lose money. " In the afternoon of December 5th, Mr. Zhou told Xinhua on the cover of the Huaxi Metropolis Daily, "Chengdu is a warm city, and we hope we can pass this positive energy on."

in this way, an accidental erasing, in the two people's sincere communication, got a successful solution.

"it was warm when she saw a chat between her friends and a car owner in a circle of friends."

will release this accident on micro-blog users is a good friend of Zhang Things seldom seen are strange. ", but did not expect to move unexpectedly let friends were questioned by some users. "I see some people on the Internet say what she hyped up, but in fact, it is a misunderstanding. She herself is only in the personal circle of friends. I feel very touched. I want to share with you all, and then I send it to the Internet. She didn't know it.

has objections, but on the Internet is more understanding and moving to the warmer action between the perpetrators and the owners, as netizens commented -- "this warmth has covered up the winter in Chengdu." Zhang sincere and play, and the owner Mr. Zhou tolerant and open-minded, like the winter sun to let people feel the smell of comfort.

because of this, the late December 4th, Zhang's hand