Mr. and Mrs. Zhao Wei, are they really wrong?

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Mr. and Mrs. Zhao Wei, are they really wrong?

2017-12-07 00:30:07 220 ℃

yesterday evening, Zhao Wei husband Huang Youlong micro Bo said, in recent days to some false media reports on the Zhao Wei and his wife, has hired a lawyer to sue the rumour evidence, with the fastest speed and powerful driving forces behind.

since then, Zhao Wei also forwarded her husband Huang Youlong on his personal micro-blog. She wrote: "in fact, I am in the course of my heart." I don't have to say anything or explain to anyone! I don't love me if I don't love me. If I have to explain that I can only say, thank you for not loving me, I have a clear conscience in my life! " one for the venture circle big guy custom APP, welcome home test!

authorized the release of after each film

overnight, heaven and hell.

violated the relevant provisions of the "Securities Law". In the evening of November 9th, Xiangyuan culture (original Wanjia Culture) announced that Zhao Wei and his wife had received the ticket "banned for 5 years" by the CSRC. This paper ticket, also let Zhao Wei couple the success of the "people" in crisis.

later, Huang Youlong expressed his disapproval from the Hong Kong listed companies holding Shunlong holding. Zhao Wei has previously wanted to use 51 times the high leverage to buy the culture of the Wanjia (now Xiang Yuan Culture) a year since the many waves, Huang Youlong has also rarely heard.

yesterday (December 4th) at 22:29 o'clock in the evening, Huang Youlong suddenly bought Wanjia cultural event for the first time, publicly voicing, publicly guarding his wife, and publicly denied that he was a leader's driver for the first time. Huang, Longhai said, "lack of financial experience", "from the idea of no illegal or to get over the moral bottom line to obtain wealth."

Zhao Wei also forwarded energy-saving micro-blog, and postscript,

actually in my journey... I also need to say something or explain to anyone! I don't love me if I don't love me. If I have to explain that I can only say, thank you for not loving me, I have a clear conscience in my life!

but Zhao Wei removed the micro-blog this morning.

11, () in the "daily economic news" does not recognize the penalty pull Zhao Wei couple in Hong Kong stocks earn a lot of money also suffered "a text, carding Huang Youlong and Zhao Wei couple had in the capital operation of Hong Kong stocks.

and recently, the daily economic news reporter went to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhu and other places for a month to investigate the operation of several non-listed company that Zhao Wei invested in the mainland.

4 Beijing company "suddenly moved to

after each film) (reporter queried, Long Xuxin (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. and Beijing P rincess culture communication limited liability company, Beijing trading company, Mengluo aurar (Beijing) Wine Trading Co. Ltd. is Zhao Wei direct holdings.

and the top four companies are located on the same floor of the same office building. On the afternoon of November 17th, every reporter went to the site of the company: No. 2, courtyard No. 6, building No. 6, Futong East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing (actually 19 floor).

, but to the surprise of reporters, out of the elevator, the right hand side of the glass door covered with foam paper, Bakai paper along the gap inside, the whole floor is empty, which left the wooden ladder, cardboard boxes and other decoration items, but no decoration personnel. Every film and television reporter stayed in the floor for nearly 4 hours, and no one was seen.

four companies where the floor looks is like a pair of rough housing construction is still waiting for the appearance (after each film intern reporter Bi Yuanyuan photo)

floor (19 floor) decoration, you have a taste, to leave a period of time, such as smell powder and back, probably in February next year.

the floor of the property told the reporter. But when a reporter asks when to move, no one can remember the time. The property that in early November, and the building to send express courier recalls in about half a month ago, also said at the end of October. Security and some staff were told reporters after each film (19), the decoration of nearly a year, has been at peace,

suddenly moved away, because of the decoration. The was decorated on the other side of the office.

was led by the security guard from the cargo ladder. The reporter also saw the company's decoration from another door. "They have been building, but because the daytime is too loud, they can't come after work." Although from the current situation, the four companies "Zhao Wei's empty, but utilities and property costs also in normal delivery. Although

did not see any staff member of Zhao Wei's company, he looked closely at the information of the enterprise credit information publicity system. It could be found that four companies were exactly the same whether they left the phone or the contact's mailbox. After each film () the reporter repeatedly call the public telephone, to understand the site, but no one answered.

Shanghai 3 companies: registered are "fool"

Zhao Wei in Shanghai 3 investment companies:

Shanghai Yunfeng new equity investment center (hereinafter referred to as the "new Yunfeng");

Zhao Zhao (Shanghai) film culture studio (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhao