Love and marriage behind the possession of the case.

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Love and marriage behind the possession of the case.

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in the eyes of the others, they are a sweet pair, come in and out forever holding hands, eat each other when eating food. Yang Liping's family, however, was not satisfied with Zhu Xiaodong. Until two people talk of marriage, Yang Liping's parents is the first time that I have seen Zhu Xiaodong. At

's wedding, Yang Liping didn't wear a wedding dress, considering Zhu Xiaodong's economic conditions. She wore a white lace coat and a pair of jeans.

Zhu Xiaodong and Yang Liping's photo. Pictures from the network of

were about 5000 the word , read about the night before the 10 clock

surrender, Zhu Xiaodong almost hit the night of the "king of glory", from late ten to four in the morning. In the meantime, he went out of the door, bypassed six trash cans, and threw his dead wife Yang Liping's cell phone and ID card into a tributary of the Suzhou river.

, he also tried to kill himself on the hanger on the balcony. The air hanger was broken and had to give up.

105 days ago, Zhu Xiaodong grabbed Yang Liping's neck, causing the mechanical asphyxia death.

105 days, he used Yang Liping's identity card and other women to Jiudiankaifang, through Yang Liping's Alipay account to transfer money from Yang Liping, credit card overdraft about one hundred thousand yuan to Nanjing, Hainan, Xuzhou, Nanchang, Wuxi, South Korea, Seoul and other places to travel.

friends thought Yang Liping was still alive. Her WeChat also interacted with his friends, and in the circle of friends. But her cell phone was out of trouble and could not communicate. Whenever someone calls or gives an invitation to a voice chat, they are told to communicate only in words. In November 29th

2017, Zhu Xiaodong's intentional homicide case was opened in the first instance of the second intermediate people's court in Shanghai, which was heard in public. was brought into the courtroom bailiff, he was wearing a dark blue suit, thin, handsome face.

on the court, Zhu Xiaodong tells the story of his association with Yang Liping, and his wife after the charnel. Remove the charnel part, he and Yang Liping's marriage with the ordinary people not what different.

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30 years old, is a native of Shanghai. When he was 10 years old, his parents divorced. His junior high school classmates once told Yang Liping's father that Zhu Xiaodong was caught by the police on the robbery at the beginning of the year. After graduating from junior high school, Zhu Xiaodong entered the Nanhu vocational school in Shanghai. He left the campus at the age of 19 and went into the society to become a clerk in a shopping mall in Shanghai. Among the boys of the same age,

is one of the more beautiful ones, some resembling the actor Hu Ge. In the words of Yang Liping's father, he was a "creamy baby".

2007, just over 20 years old Zhu Xiaodong immoderation, enrolled in the Oriental TV singing talent show "my show". Zhang Jie, Joker, Qi Wei singer, is famous in this program.

Zhu Xiaodong, a representative of the year's neutral style, was regarded by fans as "Prince". In his "clean heart people face and eyes of pure as ever", many girls are.

today, it's hard to find out how Zhu Xiaodong was knocked out after the competition on the Internet. But "my show" did not change his life. After the draft, he went back to the mall and continued to be a salesman or a showman. Sometimes, only a few months after the resignation of people, in a number of shopping malls to switch.

although the income is not high, participated in the draft Zhu Xiaodong has lived a lavish life, everyday food and clothing is very exquisite. He went in and out of the bar, bought thousands of pieces of clothes, gamble the ball on the Internet, and owed a debt. The summer of

2013, Zhu Xiaodong met with him was Yang Liping at a party. Like Zhu Xiaodong, Yang Liping is a beautiful man, too. She has a long hair shawl, a fair skin, and a good eye for her big eyes.

Yang Liping was also a native of Shanghai. His father was a soldier. In childhood, her relatives and three families crowded in a small house of 60 square meters, three sisters of the same generation, her youngest.

Yang Liping live . Pictures from the network

"she was born good-looking, also love to dress up, burn a little curly, long eyelashes blink, like a doll." Yang Liping's cousin recalls the WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople reporter that her cousin was taken care of himself as a child.