The 9 year old girl was forcibly carried away by a white car person?! 2 days later it was late...

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The 9 year old girl was forcibly carried away by a white car person?! 2 days later it was late...

2017-12-09 00:25:16 179 ℃

recently, an SOS message,

in Hubei Huanggang WeChat group, constantly refresh circle of friends...

from this information,

you a preliminary understanding of some cases to the missing girl:

ceramic XX 9 year about 2 years old, 1 meters tall, wearing blue jeans, red pants, on the afternoon of November 25th this year lost.

according to the girl's father, about 1 in the afternoon, the villagers saw, in the county of Huangmei Mu Xiang Tao Jia Wan village of St. Paul before the uphill place, a child was forcibly taken away, the other side to open a white Mazda, Wuhan license. At present, the children's family have been alerting.

in the daytime, why did little girls disappear without reason?

and according to witnesses,

found a white car near the child's home, and

seemed to have taken a child on the car.

will this child be pottery XX?

for a while, all kinds of speculation and gossip spread among the local residents. The most frightening thing about

is that someone even took the opportunity to make rumors that

child was robbed and the body organs were sold.

, which makes a lot of parents with..

... And the missing girl's family is very anxious. After

received the alarm, the

police attached great importance to it.

Huangmei County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force, and

quickly launched the investigation work.

has undergone a series of investigations. The

team found that the missing girl girl was suspected of criminal offense ,

and quickly locked the suspects and involved vehicles.

finally, the news came: the

suspect was caught!

but the sad thing is that the little girl of

has been killed!

(network picture, graphic unrelated)

according to the reporter learned that the suspect Hemou was arrested on the afternoon of November 27th. He was born in the town of Huangmei County, Huanggang, in 1988. According to the preliminary

he confessed, the day he drove off the road, accidentally knocked down for fear of girls surnamed Tao, assume the responsibility of the traffic accident, he will be girls hold on the car, and dragged to a remote place to kill. Later, under the recognition of he, the police found the body of the girl killed.

at present, the suspect, He Mou has been arrested by law in Huangmei County Public Security Bureau on suspicion of intentional homicide, and the case is under further investigation.

police src= follows

to evade responsibility even on injured children who

, Hemou behavior is really outrageous ah! At the age of

9, at the same age,

was at the best start of life, but

was killed by innocence.

does not make people angry and heartache!

user activity:

Shao Yuxin: !! How do you get to go to your hands? Life is worthy of awe! Wuhan:

Kaka was just a traffic accident, insurance claims, non intentional homicide, it would lose a lot.

a meter 85 of the sun,: alas! This thing is so noisy, many kinds of statements, and finally subsided.


theory 8866: sooner or later rumor you even the most basic conscience are not


fantastic: Sihang Yao frightful to the ear why now many people are afraid to take responsibility, not afraid to kill? Surprised

root fixed Ye Rong: is a traffic accident, take on civil liability. The man had a brain water and had to bear the criminal responsibility of intentional homicide.

you wake up: girl's parents how hard it is for

light thumb! Wish the children to go all the way, and may heaven have no harm!