Lonely series: three sons for the property, a 89 year old man with the most tragic end of life

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Lonely series: three sons for the property, a 89 year old man with the most tragic end of life

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what is lonely?

do not think that only the old man who has no children is lonely, lonely in fact is a state, is a verb, not a noun cold.

do not think that the elderly and children is not lonely, in fact, some people even though your children, but have a lonely life.

and even some old people, a life of the day.

three years ago, I met a 89 year old man in the resuscitation room.

shocked me not only because he chose to commit suicide at such an advanced age, but also the peculiar way he chose to commit suicide, and the unanswered question he finally issued.

120 first aid doctor just said lightly: "an hour ago, it was found that the suicide of wrist cutting by family members was less than one hundred millilitre of bleeding."

but when I carefully opened by 120 emergency doctors after bandaging the wounds, I gasped.

, in general, we meet the patients who cut the wrist to commit suicide, all are sharp wounds after cutting with sharp tools.

, the 89 year old man, has a wound like a mad dog's wound.

, if not the family members and the 120 first aid doctors, told me that it was suicide by cutting wrist. I thought it was a wound that was bitten by animals or after trauma.

"how can it be so serious?" As I watched the emergency surgeon continue to make a debridement and suture for the old man, I could not bear his curiosity.

on the side of the old man's daughter cried and said: "he is in the corner with the wrist rub back and forth... "

. The 89 year old man left the paralyzed left limbs five years ago because of sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage. He had no way to act. He had to use this tragic way to end his life.

has seen many suicide suicides in the emergency department. The age and the way of suicide of the old man are still unique.

, because such an old age, such a tragic way of committing suicide is hard to understand, so the emergency surgeon keeps a mental eye: is there any possibility of criminal offense?

, after suturing the old man, is facing such a problem by emergency surgeons: do you want to call the police?

finally, we learned the story from the patient's daughter's mouth:

has three sons and a daughter, has his own house and retirement wages. According to common sense, he should have a happy life in his later years.

, however, has changed since the old man had a sudden brain hemorrhage five years ago.

, because the old man lost his ability to take care of himself, and his wife died long ago, so he has become the drag of his children.

is bad, the three son not only can not take care of the old man, but also refuses to send the old man to his sister's home.

"because they are afraid of other people's three - way four!" The girl who was crying couldn't help saying all the three brothers' actions.

's three sons are afraid to say, "he has a son, but he is forced to live in her daughter's house."

they felt they numbered, repeatedly asked the old division of property before death.

, of course, the patient's daughter did not disclose details, but to an elder brother who was sitting outside the emergency room, he said, "do you have to divide the house, or is it afraid that I will take the house? I am not poor, and my ambition is not poor. You do not understand?".

we do not know the specific details, but know the final result: the elderly prefer Dutch act with the wrist rub the corner of the way, rather than to life.

, a pair of children quarrelled fiercely in the emergency room. The old man in a wheelchair spoke the first sentence after he came to the hospital: "what is the use of these sons?"

no one can understand the mood of the old man, the only relief is that the daughter is also worried about the security of the old man.

maybe, these are all the superficial phenomena I see, because behind every sad story may hide the unknown bitterness.

we have no right to evaluate several children's actions, but we have the right to sympathize with the elderly.

, in fact, there are many such people in real life, there is a child, obviously has to feed their own retirement pay, but like the elderly generally miserable.

suddenly had an idea that made me shudder: when I was old, like the old man, even the ability to commit suicide was lost, what should I do?

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