Live in Zhejiang rural Haogai House Office Liang wine, please more than 400 people, prepared 50 desks, 26 dishes

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Live in Zhejiang rural Haogai House Office Liang wine, please more than 400 people, prepared 50 desks, 26 dishes

2017-12-10 09:25:34 122 ℃

villagers build a house to buy an over wine, send out invitations, invite friends and relatives to drink wedding, the last line on the main beams of red cloth, drinking wine on the day of beam beam.

that heavenly beam wine set 50 tables. Besides the more than 20 tables laid on the first floor and the two floor of the new house, the owner also converted 1600 yuan. The professional company built a large tent on the next empty space, which can put more than 20 tables. The tent built by

can put more than 20 tables,

, and dozens of hot water bottles are placed under the eaves, and five coal stoves are boiling water continuously. 400 guests before the banquet started, water problem is fully guaranteed.

banquet hasn't started yet, and the owner is invited to the two and third floor to visit. On the two floor of the living room, see the guests to drink the wedding ceremony with uniform, quilts, dressed in red cloth, is actually very happy. The

kitchen is built on the corner of the southwest. Ask for a moment, a total of 26 dishes (including food, fruit, etc.) 50 banquet tables, light bowl chopsticks on the more than 1000 (double), any one family will not buy so many things, it is estimated that there are special activities in the rural areas with the wedding company, home office wine provides leasing services.

, all kinds of dishes are ready,

50 table, 26 dishes, such a humble kitchen, how does a chef operate? Go to the kitchen and have a look at the

on the shelves, the fruit platter, the megalo cashew and pistachio are ready, covered with plastic film.

chefs, using time difference, can cook the dishes cooked ahead of time, so as to prevent confusion at that time.

is arranged neatly, ready for dishes to be served,

, the other two chef have begun to set up the salted mutton, ready to serve.

has a variety of dishes clean cut and placed in a very large stainless steel basin

with salt and ginger marinated shrimp, can

has been configured

has been cut aegirit

a big stack placed on the stove, firewood burning.

steamed bread can be steamed ahead of time, then transferred to a small stove on the side to keep it warm, and then put on other dishes that need to be steamed.

flush up the space as the heat of the steamer opens, as if a cloud of immortals floats in the air.