Urgent reminding! Pay with WeChat, do not easily reveal the numbers!

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Urgent reminding! Pay with WeChat, do not easily reveal the numbers!

2017-12-11 09:25:33 159 ℃

! Wake up!

note! Italy!

, if you are dealing with a stranger through WeChat transaction,

asks you to send the 18 bit code to him when the other party asks him.

, you must be careful of

, because you are most likely

is caught by a cheater.

yesterday, Xiamen anti fraud Center issued an urgent reminder

only the day before yesterday a day, there are 5 members of the public for

to disclose on WeChat 18 payment code

leads to "pocketbook" fall!


] the payment code leak, cheated thousands of dollars

the day before yesterday, Mr. Zhang want to buy a mobile phone software, in the online search and search to a micro signal. After adding the other's micro signal, the other party said that Mr. Zhang would pay 200 yuan to buy the mobile software. Mr Zhang refused payment

WeChat red

did not think

wanted to direct the red envelopes to each other through the WeChat

but was rejected by the src= "/1ydzximg/0HtTlYHxWH" />


"red envelopes and

are to transfer to a personal account,

can not enter the company account."

request to send digital payment code

cheat each other let Mr. Zhang click directly into the

WeChat wallet payment page

barcode on the 18 digit code

told him to complete the payment, you can directly enter their company account

Mr. Zhang think, this is also convenient to

according to the requirements of the 18 code for payment the other

< strong> claimed a refund, repeated claim payment code

soon after Mr. Zhang received a payment of $2800 to remind

each other immediately to Mr. Zhang sent WeChat voice

"sorry, I'm not careful to make a mistake.

we have to return the money to you through this payment channel."

has been in the Zhang

trap crooks repeated 18 payment code to tell each other

then found himself and brush away 2790 yuan

at this time, Mr. Zhang was found deceived

when he asked each other when the refund, the other side has been pulled into the black

[ remind

] keep the payment code keep money bag

police said, WeChat payment function in general click into the payment page, will display the bar code, two-dimensional code and 18 bit digital encoding .

, the functions of these three codes are the same. Just like they usually pay for the two-dimensional code in stores, if the payment code is told to each other, the other party can also brush away your money. A liar is the use of this point, the victim cheated 18 payment code, directly to the money brush away.

WeChat payment, many links in fact have reminding...

WeChat payment interface

"payment code number"


WeChat will jump out of


< section>

"if you know"

18 digit

and WeChat and remind you


the police remind" people in daily life, to do do not scan two-dimensional code, do not point unknown Unidentified link .

at the same time, we must keep bar code, two-dimensional code and 18 digit code in the payment code, and can't be disclosed to strangers .

mobile phone pay more and more popular

people meet this situation,

must be careful!

, especially at home, is unfamiliar with old people, and

guesses that you like