"Frozen week" opened north the lowest temperature is -20 DEG C open look at direct selling popsicles

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"Frozen week" opened north the lowest temperature is -20 DEG C open look at direct selling popsicles

2017-12-11 18:25:19 127 ℃

according to the meteorological department forecast, today, Harbin, Beijing, Tianjin and other Changchun, much of the north will usher in since the second half of this year the cold weather, worthy of the name "freezing week" has been opened.

is quite popular in recent days, the Northeast popsicle business, you heard right, a lot of northeast friends, that is the day of the cold, eat more popsicles, pay attention to the body temperature should be maintained at the same temperature and in vitro, don't feel cold. But you see, people don't have the northeast to sell popsicles, refrigerator, put a paper box is open, direct selling. Why? The reason is very simple, where the temperature of the refrigerator is low. So much, how cold is this northeast? Can tell you, Harbin, Changchun and Shenyang, today will refresh the lowest temperature since the second half of this year, the lowest temperature has reached about 20 degrees below zero.

and not to the northeast, Beijing, Tianjin, tomorrow, Ji'nan, Zhengzhou will follow their pace, the temperature in Beijing will fall to minus 7 to minus 8 degrees Celsius, the temperature in Ji'nan and Zhengzhou will be reduced to minus 5 DEG C so, will hit the second half of this year to the low temperature.

Heilongjiang Xinjiang and other places in the snow to local style= "text-align: start" Blizzard

cooling accompanied by heavy snow, today (11 days), China Eastern Heilongjiang, southwestern Xinjiang, southwestern Tibet and other places have moderate to heavy snow, local blizzard.

, the snow in Heilongjiang began in the evening of December 9th. The snow in Jiamusi and Mudanjiang continued until yesterday, which had an impact on the local traffic.

for snow slippery, yesterday evening, Heilongjiang Province, Beijing Harbin, Harbin, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan male 10 high-speed line closed. In Kazakhstan Jiamusi Wanxing high-speed toll station, the police persuaded to return and divert passing vehicles.

Hebei: cold blue warning local temperature 8 DEG -12 DEG

described the cold, there is a saying we can see the dripping water freezes, the next is "write into ice", how is this going?

in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, the highest temperature today is only 3 degrees below zero, and the lowest temperature drops to 15 degrees below zero. In the people's Park in Qinhuangdao City, several calligraphy lovers as usual with a sponge pen water on the ground to write, just write the word on the ground quickly frozen.

reporter learned from Hebei meteorological department, today and tomorrow, Hebei will continue to decline around the minimum temperature 3 to 5 degrees celsius. In the morning of November 12th (November 12th), the minimum temperature in the northern part of Hebei will drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius to minus 24 degrees Celsius. Here remind the citizens to add clothing, pay attention to cold and warm, prevent the occurrence of cold and other diseases.

Shandong: Yantai has small to moderate snow travel affected

at present, continued in parts of Shandong Yantai Zhaoyuan, Long Island, still in the snow, Penglai has issued a yellow warning of icy roads. Under the influence of snow, traffic control was carried out in Yantai section of Shenhai Expressway and Yantai section of Rongwu high speed. By 14 p.m., traffic control had not been lifted. According to the local meteorological department, there will be a snowfall in Yantai in the next few days.