China's poorest Chairman: 81 years old, earning 30 yuan a day, and raising more than 300 people.

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China's poorest Chairman: 81 years old, earning 30 yuan a day, and raising more than 300 people.

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White Fang Li old man was born in 1913, started doing odd jobs for people at the age of 13, and later because the day strapped homeless refugees to Tianjin, finally made a tricycle, after the liberation of Bai Fangli, on his two legs to serve the people of labor model, but also on two legs pulled 4 the child himself, 3 of them went to college. At the same time, he also maintains the widowed 20 year old sister, nephew and support the university.

1987, the old man was seventy-four years old. Seventy, rarely. However, nothing can prevent an unyielding soul. The old man decides to do a great thing. He runs on his two legs in the corner of the city to help the poor children. With a sincere heart for their poor but dream children hold up a world.

old people pedaling tricycle, from head to toe wear is not matching clothing, shoes and hats, looks like a beggar. "I've never bought clothes, you see, these shirts and pants on me are usually picked up.

has been calculated, these years, Bai Fangli donation amount up to 350 thousand yuan. The tuition and living expenses of more than 300 college students were funded. If a 1 kilometre tricycle is charged for 5 cents, the old man dedicate it to the 18 weeks of the earth's equator.

1994, 81 years old. The old man Bai Fangli has a new idea.

that is a spring, and the old man goes to a school to give money to the poor students. That time, he gave out all the 3000 yuan he earned in the last winter. Accept donations on behalf of the school leaders put forward more than 300 poor students to pay tribute to him, the old man heard the White Fang Li here began to think: "the home money to school children so much, I rely on a person riding a tricycle, save a few children! He is old, it can do?"

go back, the old man ponders over a night, and he has a new idea. This time he brought his children a new idea: "I'm going to sell your mother and my two old houses, and then borrow some money to run a company." Want a good name, called "White Fang Li online company"." After

local at the train station for he delineated a space of 7 square meters, built a tin kiosk, hanging on to the old Nankai University Tongbian, write "in the selfless support". Kiosk business some cakes, like alcohol and tobacco. So, Tianjin Bai Fangli online company a "online company" the only officially established.

by selling the old house's 10 thousand yuan and loan money to make money, slowly snowball is bigger and bigger. Bai Fangli's support company started from a small pavilion to the later dozen stalls. At most one month, the cost, money and tax are removed, and more than 10 thousand yuan of profit.

outsiders feel the White Fang Li as president, can sit to enjoy a quiet life. But he not only pedaling the tricycle as usual, but also set himself an index of 1000 yuan a month, earning 30 to 40 yuan a day. "I still like before the bus every day, one day can earn a total of twenty or thirty blocks. Do not underestimate this twenty or thirty dollars, enough to ten a children's day dinner!"

he describes the purpose of the teaching company to the employees of the company: "we should run the company regularly and make money, and the money we earn is not surname" white "or" education ". So a profit is given to the education, the monthly settlement, the month of the month. He has done all he can to create a world of hope for the poor children.

2001, White Fang Li donated last money. Nearly 90 years old, he has been unable to pedal tricycle, also unable to run his education company, was in the station to the car, also put a double angle, the change in a lunch box, enough for 500 yuan deposit after a winter, he went to Tianjin Yaohua high school, handed him $500 lunch box: "I do not move, could not donate the future, this is my last money."