Anger! The maid of Bridesmaid was humiliated by the crowd.

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Anger! The maid of Bridesmaid was humiliated by the crowd.

2017-12-12 18:25:44 237 ℃

recently on the network crazy pass a video, suspected in the territory of Shaanxi, a girl a bridesmaid at a wedding, during some of the gentlemen will be carried to a bridesmaid Shaanxi C license plate car hood, then regardless of the girl struggling forced her skirt pulled up in public.

according to the network, when the girl as the bride's friends to be a bridesmaid, but in the wedding process, some guests booing marriage to downtown, gradually play more excessively, then a few men grabbed the bridesmaids in front of all the guests will she put the car on the hood, then it is a girl's skirt will pull up completely.

after the video was launched on the Internet, many netizens complained that the men who participated in the marriage were almost without any morals and bottom line. They should treat a woman like this. Ask, if the victims of their own family still have such an indifferent attitude and even participate in it? I'm afraid it will be very angry when it happens to your family. Baidu

"make the bridesmaid" actually there are so many results:

in recent years, with the material and cultural life is increasingly rich, the traditional marriage seems to have been unable to meet the needs of people amused amusement, "make marriage" of this ancient folk has intensified, every year to upgrade, sometimes become a "savage wreck and dirty punishment" spoof. On

6 8, a video of suspected marriage and bridesmaids were attacked on the Internet. The content of the video is a big drop. The video entitled "marriage and marriage in Xi'an" is 51 seconds long. In the car, two men sit around a suspected bridesmaid. They are not able to stop two men. Finally, the two men also lifted the suspected Bridesmaid skirt, calling to take off his underwear, and the woman's legs were obviously red because of the back and forth.

, which has been released on the Internet, has been condemned. In the morning of June 10th, two men suspected of being indecent in the video were captured by the Xi'an police.

according to the network broke the news, in February this year, a woman to be a bridesmaid at a wedding, some guests on the spot was tied after the bridesmaids back clothes removed, then someone took the candle to drop back. In

2016, at the wedding of a star, the best man's "maid of honor" and the bridesmaid were almost thrown into the water, which brought the happy wedding to a storm.

2013, Shandong Tai'an 16 year old high school student Mary students should be invited, as the bridesmaid brother Zhao's wedding. Xiao Li recalls that a dozen young men took her to a bedroom next to the groom's marriage room and locked her on the door. "Then I was knocked down in bed," when other people's obscenity made Xiao Li still unable to face it. After the incident, the bride said it was a custom to be touched. Subsequently, Mary's parents to the police, six suspects were jailed for the crime of forced lewd women, sentenced to one to three years in prison.

2013, Zhejiang Shengzhou girl Xiaofang was invited as a result two bridesmaids, Groomsmen Zhang and Wang Xiaofang while drunk, took her to the hotel, she turns on the implementation of the rape. Later, the Shengzhou court to rape sentenced Zhang and Wang sentenced to imprisonment in ten years and two months.

2011, Shaanxi Xi'an 20 year old girl Xiaoqing bridesmaid, by several young men in the village coat stripped the man. The maid of honor resisted and even shouted for help. The woman's family and friends, including the bride, Bridesmaid Wedding a ride home, interrupt.

2008 in January, the Xi'an girl was Xie as a bridesmaid in Yanliang, the result was several men wantonly "hijack", four or five people hugged her, in her touch to find red. She also lifted her up, and threw it on the ground. Later, Xie decisively to the Xi'an Municipal Public Security Bureau Yanliang branch Lingyun Road police station. After the incident was exposed, the problem of the wedding in Yanliang was greatly improved. In recent years, no other Bridesmaid had been dishonored at the wedding. But there are still some people do not deserve bridal party, so that some people at the time of marriage, can not find bestie or classmates when bridesmaids, gave birth to a new occupation, bridesmaid rental. It is understood that, now 1000 yuan a day, everyone is more polite to the rented bridesmaid, but to the best of the groomsman.

women have an independent dignity, and their rights and dignity are not allowed to be violated and trampled.

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