The forehead was knocked down by the guest, and the beauty opened to claim 100 thousand yuan. She counted the pen and the police were silent...

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The forehead was knocked down by the guest, and the beauty opened to claim 100 thousand yuan. She counted the pen and the police were silent...

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"I'm going to call the police. My forehead is smashed with a cup, you see, it's all dented..." On the morning of December 6th, a girl rubbed his forehead and ran to the East Wenling police station, hoping that the police would find the perpetrators and help her to talk about it.

, a policeman, received a few questions from the girl in the Wu River. After he asked a few questions, he found it was not so simple: Although the girl's forehead did go in, she said no pain and no bleeding, but the compensation request she raised was 100 thousand yuan.

what's the matter?

female models to accompany drinking with

you can get a fee amounting to

girl named green, 20 years old, Hubei people, engaged in graphic modeling work in Wenling, there is a standard red net.

Qingqing said, in the evening of December 5th, a green man and a friend were introduced to a bar to accompany a man to drink. He said he could get a service charge after he accompanied him.

has a good amount of wine, such as this "accompany drinking" to take on a lot of life, on the night of the bar, she accompanied men to drink three glasses of red wine.

, however, the man who met this time is a good drinker. "He is better than I expected to drink. When I start to faint, he will be fine, and he will continue to drink with me in a glass of wine." Qing Qing said, slowly she began to refuse, but the man did not agree, and reluctantly drank a few cups, but she was a little upset, many times to go. It was his birthday

, "he told me not to feel disappointed, but I really can't drink, just like he said there is work tomorrow, must go, even good money to some line." The insistence of Qing Qing, let the man very annoyed, he started scolding dirty words, green also scolded back on the spot.

completely irritated the man. He picked up the cup on his hand and threw it directly into the green. Fortunately, the cup just wiped the forehead to fly out, "I touch, no bleeding, no sense of pain, but the forehead recessed."

green on the spot on the spot, for men to compensate 100 thousand.

men strongly disagreed, Green said: "he said I was ripped off, and then go myself, I can only alarm."

girl forehead concave piece

claim for 100 thousand


"in the beginning I felt unbelievable, the glass wiping head, how to pay 100 thousand dollars, what is the basis?" Wu Xinjiang carefully asked Qingqing, "how do you figure out the amount of money?"

, Qingqing, was also very confessed. She said, "not long ago, I spent 50 thousand yuan on my forehead, playing 10 hyaluronic acid on my forehead, just to make my forehead look full, and now I have to recanate it again." The man,

Wu Jiang contact Green said he surnamed Guo, 35 years old, the local people, opened a factory. An hour later, Mr. Guo arrived at the police station, and the first sentence was "I don't lose it." Mr.

said, "I can give up to 5000 yuan at most, that is, a hyaluronic acid."

Wu Xinjiang said that the coordination work is not very good to do. "If it is two people fighting, injured, it is easy to identify the injury, what is the amount of money, can be said, but how to mediate? It was the first time that I met. "

first, the green forehead recessed the pit, in the end is not a injury? Wu Xinjiang said that he had no way to determine, and asked many of his colleagues and said he did not know.

second, Qingqing said to hit a hyaluronic acid 5000 yuan, but this is not a medical insurance project, in the end how to calculate the money?

Wu Xinjiang has mediate for more than half an hour, and the two sides are still arguing.

forehead pits

will make me lose a lot of job opportunities to come

mediation finally, Wu Jiang think, this is not the injury does not hurt the problem, but how to persuade the two sides to reach a reasonable compensation condition.

finally, Mr. Guo first loosened his mouth and promised to increase the amount of compensation to 10 thousand.

green but sneer at a, or too little. Wu Xinjiang said that he wanted to let Qingqing a little step back, and did not think that she was more excited.

"do you think more than 100 thousand?" Green pointed to his face and said: "this face and I spent about 100000, nose spent twenty thousand, cut the chin twenty thousand again, open the more than 10000 European eyelid, the usual Shuiguang needle is hyaluronic acid, this is not the physical maintenance, in recent years the money spent yourself."

Qingqing said that the line she did was to see her face and eat such a small pit, which would make her lose a lot of work opportunities, even if she went to plastic surgery hospital to repair, it would take a lot of time.

listened to her. All the people in the mediation room did not speak at the time. They also felt reasonable when they heard it, but once again, they seemed to feel wrong. Finally, Wu Xinjiang patted Mr. Guo's shoulder and said, "if you don't go to the plastic hospital first, ask." Mr. Guo,

, promised to go back to the plastic hospital with Qingqing and make a decision according to the doctor's final judgment.

yesterday, Wu Xinjiang told me that there was no final negotiation between the two sides. "If I can conciliation again, I still don't know what to do with the standard." Why is

's hyaluronic forehead

so fragile?

so I consulted a 10 year clinical experience in plastic surgeon, he told me that if the normal forehead hit, under normal circumstances, there will be a packet drum up, this is a normal physiological reaction.