Kill the sheep knife stabbed vendors, under the shadow of the two home | depth report

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Kill the sheep knife stabbed vendors, under the shadow of the two home | depth report

2017-12-13 00:27:27 147 ℃
After the

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Li Xianfeng Song Jianhua

a couple weeks home store now by Zhou Zhengan a person holding

5 a month ago, the mother Zhang Yixiang can fall in the week's own fresh store. Zhang Qian, a market contractor who came to collect fees, stabbed with a sharp knife for killing sheep after she had a quarrel with her. (once before, a link before the city leader captain stabbed hawker case) . The clash of , which took place in the farm trade market in Xiangtan County, Hunan, has disrupted the life of two ordinary families. Today, the market is still operating, but it is no longer charging any cost for the vendors. Before, the hawker who moved out by Zhang Yi was also back. After the

incident, the police arrested Zhang on suspicion of "intentional injury to death", while Zhou can hope that the charge in the court decision is "intentional homicide". The time for

is to wait for the time to be torment. If the result makes the family dissatisfied, they will ask the prosecutor to protest. Zhang Yixiang's burial time has been delayed again and again, and this time, the body has been sealed in the ice coffin of 35 degrees below zero.

ice coffin is placed in front of the garage in front of the Zhou can home. More than a month later, one night, 3 unidentified men came to Zhou's house and shouted to see the corpse. The night watchman took out his cell phone to take pictures, and they hurried away. After this week, can from the house back to the garage with two dogs, the gate, then put on camera. Later, the grandmother's dog was also brought in. When

is not in town, she will habitually open her cell phone and stare at monitoring. She was worried about "someone stole my mother."

Delta Yixiang has not buried

shop at the end of August this year, after two months of closed shop, Shi Tan farmers market the positive meaning of beef and mutton fish shop reopened.

at 5:30 every morning, Zhou Zhengan will appear on time in the store, and when more than 6, the market will meet the first wave of the peak.

"is intended to beef and mutton fish shop is a shop, opened 20 years. The two words "Zheng" and "Yi" are half missing today. After his wife Zhang Yixiang was killed, the pressure of life was all on Zhou Zhengan. Zhou Zhengan's sister, Zhou Hui, was relieved to go to the store with her mother to help.

week old mother, do not. Not long ago, someone bought a pile of fish and mutton. She forgot to collect the money and waited for a long time to think of it. The loss of her recollection: 487 yuan, which means that one family busy for several days in vain.

takes the opportunity to take advantage of less than one. "Do you know what I am?" Once a strange man spoke to Zhou's mother. She shook her head and said she didn't know. The other said, "the city management team, give me little money", she later learned that this man is not a city manager at all.

Zhou Zhengan's sister, Zhou Huijia, is in Shanxi and will retire in the first half of the year. When she heard her daughter-in-law's accident, she got back to Xiangtan. She did not leave here, except in the middle of a trip to Shanxi for his son to go to school. Zhou's mother's heart hurts his son and lets her leave to help, and Zhou Hui does not feel relieved of his brother's family. When

rest at noon, Zhou's mother will sit on the sofa and pick up the iPad. She was 72 years old and learned how to check and monitor. On the screen, son and delivery to the customer. The same picture is transmitted through a signal to a cell phone on the other side.

mother left the world, Zhou can not worry, spend 2000 yuan to buy two cameras. One in front of the house, one in the store, can see the monitor in real time through a mobile phone.

Zhou can be 23 years old this year, and just didn't work long. After the accident, her work in the hospital was concessionary, 3 days and 3 days off. Rest, her back to the town to the shop, she never touch knife, now learn to kill eels, and dealing with blood every day.

was in front of her with a long strip. The eel body sliding, need to use a special nail through the head fixed, then with a knife cut the body, visceral and spine bound together. Table above a small basin, used to pick up blood. There is little relationship between

Yixiang Zhang's death with eel. In June 24th this year, because do not want to pay 500 dollars "eel bench management fees", she told the local people on a charge to the conflict, and ultimately killed.