Double cold air preparation and typhoon party! It's really not warm in mid December

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Double cold air preparation and typhoon party! It's really not warm in mid December

2017-12-13 09:32:31 167 ℃

- day, powerful and low-key 12.11 cold air slowly into the Northeast Plain, the north pole has penetrated into the group. No gale and no noise. The three northeastern provinces and the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei provinces quietly greeted the most cold day since the second half of the year. The maximum temperature of Beijing in the daytime did not exceed -1 degrees. Shandong Yantai also had a cold snowstorm.

12 month 12 at 9:40 a.m., cold clouds on the Bohai, the Yellow Sea and Shandong peninsula. Images from cwb

and 12.11 cold air exist at the same time, there are more powerful 12.15 cold air (the central meteorological station as a strong cold air), it is the accumulation of power in Siberia; up to 29 of the tropical oceans, two typhoons are embryonic development, which is close to the Philippines 96w, has the potential to increase to 26 typhoon no.. This is the last active period of the typhoon in 2017.

12.11, cold air, 12.15 cold air and the two typhoon embryos will determine the weather in mid December of our country. As we said yesterday, the three guys, in fact, are all cold, but the division of labor is different. Next, 12.11 cold air for cold, cold air and cold for 12.15, two typhoon embryos, responsible for attracting the cold air southward depth, cold and cold to mid December. Why

12.11 cold air for cold? Because it is slow, because its location is just right: its cold high pressure center stops for a long time in the southern part of Northeast China - Bohai area, and the south side of the east side just can blow into the southern part of the Yellow River, China. This easterly wind comes from the sea with water vapor, and it can rain and snow. Of course, this water vapor is a cold air from the sea hasty search, the content is very low, so the rain and snow is wide, but the strength is very small. Especially for the Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Taihang Mountain, which are very dry and very eager for snow. Besides the windward slope of the windward slope of the river, plain areas do not snow. They only see luck. They are probably just sporadic snow and not even snowing. Schematic diagram of


the Central Meteorological Observatory compared to the slow 12.11 cold air, 12.15 cold air southward as the tiger mountain, it will quickly dispersed water vapor, let the weather patterns return to dry, so it is dry and cold. Compared to 12.11 cold air, 12.15 cold air is stronger, but it is really boring, and the durability should not be as good as 12.11 cold air.

12.11 and 12.15 cold air cooling situation 85 thousand PA schematic map from tropicaltidbits

, but at the same time, the effect of two typhoon embryos came out. They are in the vicinity of Philippines, will allow 12.15 cold air southward involuntarily blowing through the tropical ocean. In this way, it turns out that the strong cold air is cooling, but the practice of Wuyishan and Nanling will be broken, and the cooling of Southern China and Fujian will be very large. According to official forecasts, 17-18, the minimum temperature in most parts of Guangdong will be reduced to 10 degrees or below 10 degrees, even including Zhanjiang and Chaozhou, which are difficult to cool down. The Luogang national station in Guangzhou is even approaching 5 degrees.

official forecast of Shenzhen temperature trend, since the beginning of December 12th has dropped

12.15 cold air go north, circulation situation changed little, while the typhoon activity or so active embryo. Therefore, it is foreseeable that in the middle of December, the cold air in the middle of the Middle East of China will be cold and cold, and it is difficult to warm up in the middle and east of China. Besides Hainan, we all need to pay attention to cold prevention and warm keeping. Even now there is a 27 degree Hainan Sanya mat, which can also be collected, because the temperature will soon arrive.