Wulin Square public toilet woman corpse case, canal boat killings... Hangzhou 16 cracked the murder backlog!

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Wulin Square public toilet woman corpse case, canal boat killings... Hangzhou 16 cracked the murder backlog!

2017-12-22 00:25:49 347 ℃

93 correspondent Liao Zhidong correspondent: Xu Jia, Pang Zhenxu, Jin Yan, Wang Jianwang, Hu Xuejun,

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, these homicide cases hit a lot in that year, and gradually fade away with age.

, but things are not going to disappear like gravel falling into the sea. These misfortunes have been stolen from the lives and names of their relatives. They are firmly carved in the minds of Hangzhou police investigators. In

, the public toilets and robbery and killing cases of the North Ring Road and the public toilets near the Wulin Square were . A woman died of four knives in

1991. In the early morning of

1991 January 13th, there were two days from the eve of the new year's Eve. In the public toilets of the wharf wharf around the North Road in Hangzhou, a 40 year old woman was found in the pool of blood.

the scene of the year

police found a few ious on the dead, after a series of investigation, confirm the identity of the deceased, she surnamed Cai, Taizhou Luqiao people, 40 years old, in Anhui Wuhu business commodity business.

police found in the survey that one day before the incident, she sat in Luqiao, Taizhou, a terminal bus at Anhui Wuhu. The bus stopped halfway in Hangzhou Red Sun Square (now the Wulin Square), just beside the public toilet with homicide case. In the same year, not yet through the high-speed, the bus ride from Luqiao in the evening, arrived in Hangzhou is the second day of the morning, and this time coincided with the time she was killed.

police transferred the focus of investigation to the bus, and investigated every passenger on the bus. It was found that there was a man in Taizhou on the bus. The whereabouts of the incident disappeared. The man was suspected of a major crime, but he did not appear again as he evaporated.

was restricted by the objective technical conditions of the year. Although the police locked the suspect's identity within a relatively fast time after the incident, the whereabouts of the suspect became a fog. Many years later, new clues have never appeared. In the years

27, a number of criminal police officers have been changed to investigate the case, but the police have never given up the pursuit of the suspect.

in October of this year, by the investigation and analysis of the municipal Criminal Investigation Detachment, the suspect Fang should have hidden the true identity. The Yunnan Wenshan man "Li Shixing" may be the suspect Fang.

received the clue from the superior, and the sub bureau sent the project team to Yunnan in late October. In the local area, a large number of investigation and analysis work has been carried out by the police in the case of "Li Shixing". After a series of comparison, the police finally confirmed in front not far from this looks sad vicissitudes of life, sitting in his shop door smoking uncle next door that they struggled to find a murder suspect 26 years a.

morning escort arrived in Hangzhou

11 on Sept. 4, the task force with the police in Qiubei County of Yunnan Prefecture of Wenshan, the suspects arrested. After a sudden interrogation, Fang confessed to his crime of robbery and murder.

78 year old captain, was strangled in his own boat.

1998 in July 5th, near the Gongshu District River Zhangqiao, a ship docked at the shore of the canal dredging ship, the 78 year old old uncle King ship wire bound hands, neck is trousers wound, die on the ship.

, according to the information obtained by the police at the scene, when the suspect was killed, he also ate the rice in a pot of high-pressure cooker after being killed.

after the incident, the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment, Gongshu branch quickly made an inquest and collect evidence on the scene, the people around visited the investigation, since the incident to the scene at the canal, and flow vessel , vessels surrounding the mobility is also great , who commit crimes the possibility of a larger. At the time of the incident, there were no monitoring facilities and other favorable conditions. The investigative techniques at that time were relatively backward. The of the ad hoc group had been consulting, consulting, visiting and traveling for many times. did not get any breakthrough clues everywhere, and the case investigation was deadlocked.


unremittingly task force quickly sent multiple working group, has removed Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Tianjin and other provinces and more than 4 , after the analysis of 6 days and 6 nights in the judgment of , in four, Xu Mougang, Xu Moushu, Xu Mouping arrested Xu Mouyin, Xu 5 suspects .

at this point, "1998.7.5" robbery and murder 5 suspects were arrested and filed for . The case is being further processed. Details of