Jiangxi man hit 4 million cars! I want to pay 1000 yuan. The other side nearly collapsed

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Jiangxi man hit 4 million cars! I want to pay 1000 yuan. The other side nearly collapsed

2017-12-23 00:25:34 308 ℃

"treasure life, far away from the car", is the car owners after the collision luxury car, the face of high compensation ridicule.

19 evening, riding the electric car to work out of the people of Jiangxi Li, crashed into a never seen black car, he thought a 1800 will solve the problem, can not think of, the car driver shouted: "this is Bentley, on good cards to about 4000000 yuan!"

occurred near the intersection of Danxia road and the two ring road in Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang.

old Lee nearly five years late, long-term to do menial work at the site. He recalls, December 19th night at 6:30, at home after dinner he went out to do something, just riding the electric car came to this intersection traffic lights, seeing the green light to him, according to the experience, in front of the black car will soon accelerate away, did not expect the black car speed is not always fast, early acceleration hit Lee the black car.

car driver surname Ning, he got off and smelled old Li a body of wine, he immediately called the police.

Yueqing City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Team traffic police quickly arrived on the scene.

traffic police preliminary site investigation found that hit the black car for Bentley car, the car left rear bumper and taillights and other parts of the damaged parts of the body, close to the exhaust pipe is knocked out of a hole, electric vehicle rollover, the road is littered with the debris. Seeing the traffic police coming, Lao Li was very quiet. He asked the driver of the car to be private, and he pulled out 1000 yuan on the spot.

"no matter, the crash is all lost to you!" Lao Li said that he was also very happy to be a person, and was willing to take responsibility for the mistakes he made.

saw the 1000 yuan, and the car driver, Mr. Ning, was a bit excited.

"1000 yuan, which is enough to compensate! It's all about ten thousand yuan in the bright tail of the tail? " The car driver, Mr. Ning, shouted that the car belonged to the Bentley speeding series. The good card was about 4000000 yuan, and the owner was his boss, who was doing business in the field for a long time. The Bentley was usually managed by him.

heard that the black car that had not been seen was about 4000000 yuan, and old Li couldn't say it. He didn't believe that a car wanted so much money.

but in the traffic police introduced the basic situation of Bentley ", Li petrified, into deep silence.

traffic police also give Lao Li to do exhalation test, the result is 72mg/100ml, belongs to the drunk driving , Lao Li at home drinking wine to go out.

later, traffic police found out that Lao Li's electric vehicle was certified by relevant departments. It belonged to a lightweight two wheeled motorcycle. Lao Li had been drunk driving and did not get a driving license. He had been punished by the public security department according to law for 3 days and a fine of 1900 yuan.

how to solve the problem of compensation?

"Bentley car owner, people are pretty good." The traffic police said he had handled many luxury car accidents, including the top luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce phantom, but the way of Bentley car owners' recovery is very instructive.

to respect the wishes of Bentley owners, the police did not announce his name, only to reveal that he was a big boss of Yueqing.

, the owner of the car, has never been out of order, making the driver, Ningmou, is fully responsible for handling the compensation.

Bentley car insurance, Lao Li wine driving, according to the truth insurance company can refuse to claim. But the service provided by this insurance company includes "claim for compensation". That is to say, the insurance company first pays the repair fee for Bentley, and the insurance company represents the owner and Lao Li for compensation.

according to the insurance company's assessment, the repair fee is 15 to 180 thousand yuan.

Bentley owners heard Li's family, think you can not put people in a corner, let the driver Mr. Ning spoke to the police, they know Li a working person go out, must not get so much money, they will negotiate with the insurance company, not the car 4S shop, let the insurance company also recommend a repair shop, repair fees should be able to save a lot of energy, estimated at around $40 thousand, but we will lose a part of Lao Li, Lao Li is drunk driving, to accept the lesson, which is responsible for themselves and the lives of others.

at present, the case is still being dealt with further.