Jilin man killed her girlfriend for 7 days. Think of the enemy and the enemy ripper...

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Jilin man killed her girlfriend for 7 days. Think of the enemy and the enemy ripper...

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murder, mutilation, postmortem...... Maybe many people think these behaviors only exist in the plot of the movie and TV play. But in January of this year, this happened in Xiangshan Town, Ningbo, Zhejiang, more than 1500 kilometers away.

Liu Moujun is a Gongzhuling native. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison in November 1995 and became a fisherman after her release from prison.

in January 4th this year, Liu Moujun and his girlfriend Mo Mouqing jointly rented Xiangshan county and Shipu town of Ningbo City, Mo Mouqing may not think, just over 7 days, you will die in the hands of a man.

because money: lovers quarrel and fight to kill 11

1 evening, two people in the rental place because of economic problems, there is a dispute, noisy, they moved.

in the fight, Liu Moujun in order to suppress the Mo Mouqing revolt, die death stuck Mouqing Mo's neck, soon, Mouqing Mo stopped action, died. When

found himself killed, Liu Moujun did not choose to surrender himself, but instead chose a true "no return".

Liu Moujun came to the kitchen, pulled out a knife, and pulls out a knife blade, his former lover Mo Mouqing a knife you, until the second day morning, Liu Moujun went out to buy bags, foam boxes and other items, the dismembered body packing bag.

but the problem comes. If you want to carry the body away, you need a car.

Poguanposhuai: left and right are dead, as the driver was also killed

at this moment, Liu Moujun's mind was a face, this is a British Open black plate, and this person, and Liu army also have a holiday.

"kill one is dead, kill two and death, not as well as I kill her!"

with the idea of more and more clear, Liu Moujun bought a knife, and call Pan Mouying, let it help carry fish that, thus, a British disc life will begin the countdown.

1 on the night of 13 November, a panel of British Liu Moujun came to the residence, the two bubble box car, Liu Mou army under instructions to book Island, when a car drove up to the pier near the Cezi Island cross river Zhoushan bridge across the sea, Liu Moujun.

"I want it to be convenient." Said an English dish.

originally planned to kill a certain British Liu Moujun busy promise, taking advantage of a certain British convenience, Liu's military knife took the life of the woman driver.

had seen his success. Liu Moujun threw two bodies into the river and took a taxi to Dinghai long distance station to get away from Zhoushan.

has everything: the other car was sold several pieces of soil

was all in Liu Moujun's play on, but he did not expect, because he is in a hurry, finally the police found a trick.

was at 14 o'clock in the morning at 6 o'clock. I was patrolling in the waiting room and found that Liu Moujun had soil on his shoes and trousers. But no rain in Zhoushan recently, where did these soil come from? The police brought Liu Moujun to the police office to inquire, and found that he had 3 ID cards, and they were not his own. At the beginning of

, Liu Moujun said he had found his identity card and driver's license on his own body, but the police found that there was a British phone in his cell phone address book, and call records and text messages. He suspected Liu Moujun had stolen the vehicle.

in Yancang police station inquiry, Liu Moujun admitted that she had hidden the disc a British car, and can identify the scene, the sharp eyed police found blood on the scene, and further interviews with Liu Moujun, Liu Mou army finally cornered, confessed his crime.

escape: murder was sentenced to death in

of Zhoushan City Intermediate People's court held that the defendant Liu Moujun two illegal deprivation of life, his behavior constituted intentional homicide crime.

Liu Moujun after the murder, to hide the facts of the crime again dismembered dead bodies, the implementation of intentional homicide behavior, crime subjective malignant deep, with particular cruelty, crime is extremely serious and should be severely punished.

finally, the court decided that Liu Moujun committed the crime of intentional homicide, sentenced to death, and deprived of political rights for life.