Pain! A tour guide in Chongqing is trampled to death by an elephant for the rescue of the tourists! Only because of an action of tourists...

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Pain! A tour guide in Chongqing is trampled to death by an elephant for the rescue of the tourists! Only because of an action of tourists...

2017-12-23 09:27:11 374 ℃

12, 21,

p.m. in Thailand Pattaya Elephant Park, two tourists from

didn't listen to the exhortation and dragged the elephant tail

, which caused the elephants to be angry and catch up with the

counterparts. The tour guide was rescued by tourists because they were trampled to the

by the elephant.

leader to save

2017 years 12, 21 tourists died on the afternoon of 17:30, a Chongqing leader in Thailand Pattaya Park was a living like an elephant trampled to death. It is known that the leader is named He Yongjie.

this is: in the afternoon, the delegation arrived at the park like riding an elephant, there are two visitors to the tour leader would go to the elephant ride photo after the tourists will be the first time out of the mahout scene after the incident.

the two tourists can not be reconciled, once again ran into the post to pull touch the elephant's tail two times, will lead to the elephant elephant anger, mad chase tourists, Chongqing leader He Yongjie found after running up to two tourists rescued after he was dumped after the elephant nose rolled up under the ground and then like feet trample.


12 pictures on Sept. 22 at 1:27 in the morning, with the Chongqing leader Chen broke through WeChat, He Yongjie on the spot were trampled to death...

" with the Chongqing team leader Chen chats screenshot

and the news spread circle tour leader in Sichuan and Chongqing


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counterparts: regret the reporter learned that, He Yongjie for the students of Grade 2000, the Japanese Department of Sichuan foreign language university, 35 year old, belongs to the Chongqing Northland Holiday International Travel Agency staff.

is quite approachable and sunny, and has been working on Tourism after graduation.

this thing Shuabing throughout the tour leader, we are sorry, there are distressed, there is also anger. It is the professional instinct of every tour guide and leader to save the tourists.

but this event, but because of the ignorance and uncivilized tourists, let the leader to pay the life of blood.


teacher recalled: the good performance of

on micro-blog, a netizen told reporters, in early September of this year, he went to He Yongjie with the group, was also going to Thailand, to Bangkok to Pattaya, "he was very careful, very responsible, will consider each person inside the team."

, a Japanese Language Department of Sichuan foreign language university, told reporters that Miss Mao, "he used to be a middle grade student, was a regular person. He participated in all kinds of activities more positively". "

" at that time, there were two classes in the 2000 Grade Japanese department, about more than 20 people in each class. He Yongjie was not a student who was either too good or too bad, but he did well in all aspects.

, Secretary of the Japanese department responsible for student work, told reporters that He Yongjie left his impression of being approachable, very sunny, especially playing football. He used to be one of the main players in the Department football team. "He used to take part in sports activities, including football games, aerobics, and so on. Everyone gets along well with him."


friend recently said: he and his wife to discuss the child to

Chen Gaoyuan (a pseudonym) what is the relationship between the two brother Yongjie, better. He told the reporter, , "he is a very simple, kind, simple person."

Chen Gaoyuan introduced that he worked with He Yongjie at the same travel company a few years ago. According to his understanding, He Yongjie has been working on Tourism after graduating from university. "He thought the job was good, he could help others, and he was happy."

Chen Gaoyuan said He Yongjie has been qualified for about a year or two for a long time and has been running Southeast Asia for a long time. "he was married and had no children, and recently he had just talked to his wife about preparing for a child."

thought that this is the first reaction for He Yongjie to save people. "Every time he takes a group, he treats the guests very well and seriously."

Chen Gaoyuan recalls that He Yongjie was responsible for his work and went to the airport and other tourists a lot earlier than the scheduled time.

has learned that He Yongjie's family is now in Thailand to deal with the aftermath of the aftermath. On the afternoon of 22, a staff member of the Ministry of public information of the State Administration of tourism told reporters that the State Administration of tourism had been informed of the matter and was about to publish the relevant notices.

in recent years almost every year Thailand

elephant wounding, and even deaths in Chiang Mai,

2015, a head for visitors to ride the elephant suddenly mad, ivory stabbed trainer, was also carrying three tourists China sorrow; the same year, in the eastern part of Thailand,