"My relatives are sending this, and I've been shielded!" Be careful of this kind of small business in the circle of friends, many people have been cheated!

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"My relatives are sending this, and I've been shielded!" Be careful of this kind of small business in the circle of friends, many people have been cheated!

2017-12-23 18:26:57 373 ℃

do some hand in his spare time, not only to pass the time and money, called "entrepreneurship", this "job" let many people heart.

recently, a woman in Xiaoshan was attracted by a part-time advertisement in a circle of WeChat friends, but the money did not earn, and he lost it.

the day before the day, Xiaoshan net friend "Mo XX" in the Post said:

was cheated! Helplessness...

this ghost, say a string of beads! To pay money, pay the money for the first time, the second times a huge cross stitch! Embroidery for two months are not finished! This is the bead to the people at home idle swindlers......

I was 680 yuan in the pit! everyone looked at the heart. Don't be cheated. This is my

derivative in do, earn manual fee, is to get results.

beads part-time advertising recently to Tinghuo, Xiaoshan netizen "perfect3344" said that in her circle of friends also saw this advertisement:

I have such friends, pay 680 yuan to recruit agents, the beginning of a string of pearls. Became the diamond draw, just went to see the turn of cross stitch embroidery insoles, cross embroider...... Do not take part in the decision to pay for money.

my friend sent this to my relative and was directly blocked by me. is actually called you pull the money paid. How does the

work on this handmade string?

first, the project is a part of a part-time job, the publicity of men and women and young people can do, it is a few difficult manual work.

second, to do this handmade beading, you should pay 680 yuan for the agency fee. When the money is finished, the other party will send the beaded material. After finishing the processing, return it back and get the processing fee. According to the propaganda, it can be returned in two or three days. If

wants to make more money, you need to develop a downline. So the real money for is not by hand, but to pull the agent for short.

and the people who have paid the money, the end is almost the same. Not in contact with the family, the hands of a large number of beads of material, 680 yuan agent fee will not come back...

man of Hainan radio and television reported on December 6th


unlawless elements often use the urgency of looking for a part-time job to swindle.

part-time work of a variety of kinds, manual work, brush, typist and so on, all claims that the operation is simple, daily money.

but often after further understanding, these people will show their true face, and generally charges a deposit or an entry fee, such as . And once the money comes to the bill, the other person will immediately take the job seeker black and take the money.

here to remind you, do not easily believe that the circle of friends such ad , especially with demanding money, transfers and other requirements, whether acquaintances or strangers, to be cautious, to prevent their property damage.

netizen comment:

toynce:680 yuan can buy a number of ready-made things do not know, great.

Waa: no money is done first.

: where is the soup you want to wear it, you are to develop offline.

Ali Ali Baba: the last time I also get in, asked me not into money.

Spring: there are some friends in my circle of friends who are also doing this. To tell you the truth, a fake is false. She doesn't dare to exaggerate too much. Authenticity is also transmitted by video.

Xu warm: I almost got into the pit, too.

a Nathan: today I was cheated, I asked a call to pay 680 yuan, I direct the man pull the black.