The guide for the rescue of the tourists was killed by an elephant, and three of the family members had not seen the body in Thailand

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The guide for the rescue of the tourists was killed by an elephant, and three of the family members had not seen the body in Thailand

2017-12-24 09:28:03 291 ℃

text / reporter Zhu Jianyong Zhang Ziyuan

editor Zhang Ziyuan

yesterday, one on the China tourists around Thailand pull the elephant's tail guide rescue infuriated elephants was trampled to death "the news caused a lot of friends in the audience to see the news on Chinese tourists low quality criticized.

but news of Thailand this morning said that Thailand police were not sure that the tour guide He Yongjie was trampled to death by an elephant because of the tourists irritated the elephant.

in the net transfer of witnesses Tian Maoxi "that appeared in two different versions, let the matter into the puzzle.

have tourists pull the tail? In Thailand's local media reports,

points out that there are tourists like the tail.

12 22, Thailand "star Siam daily" in its official website reported that the Chonburi government in Golden Triangle Ramon orchards in a named Wu Ting male elephant chasing tourists and stampede, causing one death and two injuries. Wounding elephants, 17 years old, the mahout named Wu (37 years old) to tell the police, the incident at the time, with an elephant with two visitors to the garden view, go to the site of the incident, tourists come to practical joke, Lanong elephant's tail, the elephant is running to catch up to angry tourists, including a sitting in the back as the tourists from the elephant fell down.

, as for another tourist, is more secure, and is trying to calm the elephant down. But the unfortunate thing happened, and the wunting elephant killed a tourist.

and overseas network quoted Thailand Thai "Tai LAK" reported that a Chinese tour group during the visit, some tourists dragged the elephant's tail after riding an elephant. The enraged elephant began to catch up with tourists, tour leader rushed ran to rescue. In the process, the Chongqing leader was rolled up with the elephant's nose, stampede in the back of the ground, and died on the spot, and two Chinese tourists were lightly injured.

however, according to the Chinese media interviews on the scene, all of the sightings said they did not see anyone pulling the tail. "There are people on the Internet saying that it is Chinese tourists pulling the elephant tail, which makes us angry, not at all."

doubt that
is really a Chinese tourist? On

12 22, 14 p.m., 05 p.m., people's daily official posted a micro-blog entitled "micro-blog, a tourist in China, which caused the elephant to be trampled to death". Up to now, the micro-blog reviews have over 2200 people.

commenting on the top position is the people's Daily "people's Micro review", China warned visitors should abide by the rules, to avoid similar tragedies. But the comments below, users of this name as "Chinese tail pull tourists" is also criticized, "it's a shame left to go abroad".

reporter noted that the people's Daily published a micro-blog and a reprint link, click "link", "jump to the original first - Chongqing radio", this is a "Chongqing own video news APP".

wrote in the second paragraph of Chongqing radio and TV report: "the reason for the incident is that two tourists didn't listen to the reminder of the tour guide and the leader He Yongjie, and they went to the elephant group photo without permission," the witness said. As the mahout found, will be the first time the tourists out of the scene. But two tourists have not been willing, once again run to pull, touch the elephant tail two times, causing the elephant was irritated, chased them.

reporter noted that, according to the news release time of other news client, "first eyes - Chongqing radio" was released on the contents of time is 11:13 at noon on December 22nd, and in the content below there is a "review" link, after opening the link, is a cover story in December 22nd at 8:53 in the morning report.

covers the news report, said: "a number of leader group broke out, showing that tourists after riding an elephant tails tail, leading to catch up by elephants. "Chinese tourists" are not mentioned in the report.

in Thailand, the local media reports, the tear like the tail has a different story, "star Siam daily" did not specify whether the Chinese tail pulled as tourists, but the Thai rath "in" that is Chinese tour visitors at the elephant tail.

doubtful point
witness handwritten by two versions?

, however, in the comments below the people's daily micro-blog, some netizens also said that different versions were seen in other media. The same content of

in the December 22nd China Daily's official micro-blog was the title of "crazy elephant!" China leader: members like to save the drowning courageous hoof]. Besides the text content, the micro-blog also has four pictures. They are the witness's handwritten work and signature, tour guide He Yongjie's photo and Chongqing Tour Guide Association's statement. The micro-blog

witnesses Tian Maoxi handwritten things through the contents are as follows: December 21st Bangkok time around seventeen, an elephant Golden Triangle garden playground to the amusement park suddenly mad tourists, killing three tourists were injured, and a man named Lai Tianli continuous attacks, He Yongjie himself in the elephant attack, instant elephant continuous attack on Lai Tianli, then regardless of personal danger