Wuhan also added a BRT, open in 2019! Wuchang Railway Station to the east of Optics Valley is faster

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Wuhan also added a BRT, open in 2019! Wuchang Railway Station to the east of Optics Valley is faster

2017-12-26 09:37:51 356 ℃

in Optics Valley will be added to a BRT line, BRT2 line and future

will Xiongchu Avenue BRT seamless

formed between the total length of 22.3 kilometers on the road subway "

Wuchang Railway Station and Optics Valley East Traffic will be more efficient

BRT2 line station 11 on the

BRT2 line (a) West High Tech Garden Avenue intersection, the good road south, then along the high road east two, stop at the leopard Creek Road, about 8.7 km long line. The station was 11, new avenue / good road station, Guanggu Railway Station, two high road / good road station, the south central railway station, west station, Hubei education division two station, WTA station, Olympic Station, three road station, Optics Valley station, mountain leopard leopard Creek Road station. It is reported that line BRT2 (phase two) will continue to extend along the hi-tech two road to the East.

the future of Wuchang Railway Station to Optics Valley east area more convenient

education road station reporter Wang Gang photo

this morning, the Yangtze River daily BRT2 line on the road two West Road in High Education station to see the site of the main project has been basically completed, the platform design, and the design has been put into use Sontu road BRT platform is basically the same, the isolation barrier has been installed along the way. The head of BRT project of Wuhan Optics Valley Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. is responsible for introducing the project. The main works of 3 stations on line BRT2, West Road, WTA and Austrian station have been basically completed. Other projects are being fully constructed.

predicts that by the first half of 2019, BRT2 line is expected to be opened to traffic. It will be seamlessly connected with BRT of Xiong Chu Avenue, forming a total length of 22.3 kilometers of "subway on the road". Related persons said that after the connection of the public transport artery was completed, it could effectively serve the development of the "East extension" axis of East Lake hi tech Zone and make up for the lack of regional rail transit network layout and construction. At the same time, because BRT is a dedicated road, it will greatly shorten the travel time of Wuchang Railway Station and Optics Valley east area, ease the traffic pressure and boost the economic and social development of Optics Valley.

Xiong Chu Avenue BRT opened for nearly a year. 55%

BRT is the abbreviation of Bus Rapid Transit. In December 28, 2016, Wuhan's first BRT (BRT1 line) -- Xiong Chu Avenue BRT opened for trial operation.

BRT hung Chu Road length of 13.6 kilometers, with 14 of the Wuchang Railway Station East Square Station and a total of 29 seat closed platform, take the "1 line (BRT1 Road) +24 auxiliary line (715 Road, 586 Road, 777 Road, 24 bus lines)" combination operation mode, operating a total of more than 600 vehicles taiwan. The opening of trial operation for nearly a year, the BRT corridor 25 bus line daily passenger 330 thousand passengers, one took an average of 50 minutes, compared to the BRT before the opening speed of 55%. The construction of Wuhan

the good news of success like a raging fire