The elephant trampled the Chinese leader behind the Chinese leader: the cruelty of the industry is beyond imagination

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The elephant trampled the Chinese leader behind the Chinese leader: the cruelty of the industry is beyond imagination

2017-12-26 09:37:56 322 ℃

12 21 afternoon, in order to save the tourists, 35 year old Chongqing leader He Yongjie in Thailand Pattaya unfortunately was trampled to death. After the incident, someone posted that the cause of the incident was that two tourists didn't listen to advice and ran into the Elephant Park to find the photo of the elephant and pull the elephant tail. Finally, the elephant was irritated and caused the tragedy.

however, according to media reports, the number of group members He Yongjie said, and no tourists to pull his tail, the elephant is suddenly angry, He Yongjie is killed only to save an old lady with the group.

it is worth mentioning that, although the elephant nature tame, but in enraged will lose my mind ". In recent years, there are many examples of elephants in Southeast Asia. And behind the elephants and riding, there are also cruelty to elephants.

elephant suddenly angry He Yongjie for the protection of tourists were killed in

2017 December 21st in the afternoon, Chongqing Northland Holiday International Travel Service Leader He Yongjie in Thailand Pattaya like garden, for the protection of tourists, was angry elephant trampled to death. The cover of

news, a He Yongjie group told, in the afternoon, they have a line from the Golden Triangle garden, standing about 20 meters away from the place to chat. I see two elephants in the distance above us, is a two person, but not our friends." The witness said that when the elephant came to a slope, the head began to shake. After passing through a grassy area, it suddenly started to get angry. "During the whole process, I didn't see any tourists pulling the tail of the elephant."

"visitors about unmanned pull like tail, the leader to save die (video source: cover news)

, he said, the elephant suddenly angry, shaking head two, began to hit the edge of the road trees. All of a sudden, the elephant rushed to the crowd. At this time, He Yongjie shouted and ran, a group of people began to escape. "The elephant suddenly rushed over to catch up with an old lady of the same regiment, and if he had not been saved, he would have run away." Then, when he got on the car, he didn't see He Yongjie, so he got off and went to find it. "He was lying in a small ditch near the grass, with blood on his head."

, another scene witness, He Yongjie rescued the old woman empress dowager, he was curled up by an elephant, hit the car, hit at least 3 times. Then he threw him out of the stampede in the brook.

at the same time, they also said that He Yongjie was stampede by the elephant, at least half an hour before the appearance of an elephant garden staff. And in the process of rescuing and trampling, no local staff was saved.

according to the "Bangkok post" reported that after the incident, the elephant is the main trainer and so was the police allegations, police said two people were responsible for the confusion of accident, and the two are the police on the spot admitted the allegations, they released in question.

said China Embassy in Thailand in response to the incident, the embassy attaches great importance to the first time requirements of Thailand the safekeeping of the remains of the deceased, to treat the injured China tourists. The local tourist police and tourist assistance center should ask the embassy to send people to visit the hospital and take care of the injured.

elephants hurt people frequently in recent years. In recent years, almost every year in Thailand, elephants have been injured and even fatal.

2015, in Chiang Mai, a head for visitors to ride the elephant suddenly mad, ivory stabbed trainer, was on the back with three Chinese tourists.

in the same year, in eastern Thailand, an elephant was on the beach, killing a 28 year old male tourist and causing his companions to be seriously injured. In Koh Samui, in Koh Samui, an 36 year old Englishman was trampled to death by an elephant...

a recent tragedy happened in Thailand in the northern city of Chiang Mai, according to reference news network reported on December 11th, the city's first star will host an elephant trampled to death. When

happened, the owner of the elephant just untied the rope. Its trainer was riding on an elephant weighing about 5 tons. Before turning, it took a few steps to attack the 54 year old man standing on the ground.

Chiang Mai zoo deputy director Wuthichai Muangman said: "the elephant suddenly turned around, with his nose hook the victim, then he was trampled to death." Behind the

elephant tourism cruel truth

in fact, the elephant is not domesticated wild animal, although they look very strong, but they are genetically they are not suitable for ever.

however, with the rise of tourism, more and more elephants are trained as "performers" and riding. Behind the true elephant, released by the world animal protection association, the report on elephant welfare survey of Southeast Asian tourism practitioners found that during the period from 2010 to 2016, the number of elephants for entertainment and tourism in Thailand increased from 1688 to 2198, an increase of 30%. The cruelty of

is that these elephants, which are used as tourism, have to undergo a brutal training process.