The South clammy kicked off! Typhoon Libra secretly force, cold will come to an end!

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The South clammy kicked off! Typhoon Libra secretly force, cold will come to an end!

2017-12-26 09:37:58 350 ℃

12 the afternoon of 25 March, the twenty-seventh typhoon this year, Libra has come to Vietnam Ca Mau peninsula area, it will land here.

12 month 25 afternoon typhoon Libra, has been in southern Vietnam not far from the shore. The picture from the cwb

Libra strength is not strong, but it has created a number of records, is a very unusual typhoon: it is a rare attack in Mindanao in the Zamboanga peninsula the typhoon has killed nearly 300 people in Philippines died of missing; it is the first since 1955 a mature typhoon center through the Celebes Sea; it is for the first time since 1951 directly affect the mature typhoon wind - Sabah; it is also the South China Sea since late December, the strongest typhoon in 1951.

12 month 24, in the south of the South China Sea, the peak period of Libra. The picture comes from an unusual cwb

scale, and of course not out of the weather stage. As we said before this, it will induce the webtisr -- to our south water trough eastward, Hunan - Jiangxi - Zhejiang line south of the south from the cold gradually turned cold. Of course, because the cold air forces is too large, the cold just daqianzhan, rain in the south are mostly light rain, the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong, Guangdong and Fujian coastal may not only turn to rain, cloudy to overcast, wet.

26-28, according to the official forecast, the South has a wide range of rain, covering Hainan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong, and Northern

in Libra and webtisr ogle, another sink is near China's northwestern border -- because North, its scientific name is called the North trough. The Atlantic water carrying this sink, will start tomorrow, in Al Taishan, Tianshan and Pamir mountains before uplift, with a wide range of snow and cold in retaliation for Xinjiang, Xinjiang and the situation of semi winter warmer and less snow swept away before the. Of course, the North trough in the cold air, it is even more limited. In Xinjiang over the mountains, being drained of water vapor, it will turn into "12.30 cold air", after our article will explain to you again.

12 26-28 April, North and the Atlantic Xinjiang trough water vapor diagram, China weather enthusiasts according to the ECWMF data to make

according to the official forecast, No. 26-28, Xinjiang will have a wide range of snow, which may snow along the Tianshan Mountains 1-2 days

so soon after the typhoon landing Libra after Vietnam, the water vapor simultaneously from the southwest and northwest of the two arrived and into China's China, December "dry cold week" will be in tomorrow (December 26th) from the south end, dry to wet, and the snow will sweep the trough of North Xinjiang "poor snow in winter the situation. Of course, there are exceptions: like the North China Plain, dry, continue, until the last day of 2017, there are no signs of change.

, but need to see, in 12.30 the cold air southward at the same time, the last season continues active typhoon this year, new year typhoon bolaven may be released; at the same time, the western part of the Eurasian continent are in the water tank -- webtisr, North trough brewing deeper and larger; they can in January 2nd after gradually close to china. Then, the typhoon and the two sink in the East Asia Pacific map dance will bring much scope to China's cold? Can the first snow be ushered in northern North China? The answer is not far away.

12 circulation map after 30 days. Chinese weather enthusiasts make

based on ECWMF data.