The most talented crime in the history of Japan: making a fake Treasury, and people throwing money in it.

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The most talented crime in the history of Japan: making a fake Treasury, and people throwing money in it.

2017-12-26 18:28:02 275 ℃

/ Kuaizai wind

Japanese rules of conformity, a bar is world famous, if you put up a sign in the practical joke of an empty road, on the road to write failure, please bypass, Japanese absolutely blind on the road when the easy, and the rules of the bypass, there will be no more true of the brand to do a test.

1973 event in Osaka at night.


night gold, which is a popular night banking service in Japan in 50s. The bank closed after the night business shop can still be the day's business section, with special key provided by the bank to open the Treasury night lock, put the money in the vault, the night will automatically print a receipt for second days, then check and enter the bank account.

night coffers are located in front of the bank, and the bank vaults are very safe, convenient, widely welcomed shop received.

but, who can not think, North Osaka Mei Tian three (now MITSUBISHI bank and UFJ Bank of Tokyo) was the biggest problem.

map: 70s, Japan street view, "text-align:" February 25th, 70s. After 8:30 in the evening, Osaka Mei Tian three street shops have closed at night, the manager will be the day's turnover in bank special cash bag three and bank deposit vaults and the usual night.

unexpectedly, the night before the Treasury's notice: "failure to open the lock into the mouth, please use the special exit of the temporary vault. Three and the bank. "

: Night coffers notice on style= "

three and the bank's "night vault" located in the door on the left side, right side is originally a special export, now it placed a temporary vault new "". The vault also posted a sign: "do not need to lock, please put it directly." After the input, please press the right hand to the end, there will be a record card out. Please save it and bring it back. Three and the bank. "

Chart: the notice on the fake coffers "src=", "the shop leaders" praise each other: they are the big banks. They are very considerate and careful.

Chart: Yen banknotes, "text-align:", but last time, the manager who had invested money encountered trouble.

the 24 year old manager of "temporary treasury" has no doubt, but he will want to cash bags into the vault, but also how to plug in, by touch cast entrance, not "vault" has expansive deformation, the inside of the cash bag bulging "spill out.

the young shop chief complained that the bank's temporary vault was too weak to report to the police. After the police arrived, there was no doubt that the vault was true or false, just calling the head of the bank to deal with it.

picture: Osaka incident, Treasury night affixed warning signs

Bank responsible person came after, see the "temporary Coffer" but a face Meng forced: "we never set a" temporary bank the vault "ah!"

until then, everybody just as if wakening from a dream: This is an elaborate hoax.


Osaka night coffers deception. After being exposed by the media, all the Japanese people were amazed: criminals used the psychology of Japanese unguarded, and came up with such a gifted scam.

the police conducted a detailed examination of the fake Treasury: the whole is made of common wood boards, it can be folded, and a stainless steel plate is added to the outside, and the outer frame is made of aluminum alloy, which looks very different from the real Treasury. gold